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    Hello Bukkit,
    After many server resets and lost data over the last couple years, I have decided I want to make myself a backup plugin. This will be no ordinary backup plugin, though. I will let you specify any paths you want to be backed up(Just want world files in backup1? Just add /world/data to the config!), the specific date/time or timerange you want, and will have the ability to backup to file, dropbox, or Google Drive. This will allow for an unlimited combination of file locations.

    For example, every day at 10:00pm, I want to save my world data. I'm scared the data might be lost on the server, so I would set the config to back up to google drive ONLY the world data files as so:

        Method: GoogleDocs
        - /world/data/*
        - /plugins/Essentials/userdata/*
        - /plugins/Essentials.jar
        - 24h
        - 20:00
    I still need ideas, though. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post them here!

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    This is the forum this post belongs to ;)
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    DxDy I thought that was for people ASKING for plugins, I am going to be developing this plugin so thought this would be the appropriate place
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    Well, this one is for programming problems. Have you considered the Work in Progress Forum?

    Also I fear you might be reinventing the wheel here. There are already a lot of backup-plugins out there which have similar functions. Besides this sounds like something that might as well be achieved by a simple bash script.
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    DxDy That is probably the appropriate place. Mod please move it there and remove the last few posts!
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    Moved to WIP and dev status.
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