Suggestions/comments on development of BukkitPanel (a webadmin). Let me hear your opinion!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by GeorgGearlQs, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Hello everyone, i'm pretty new here, so be gentle :p.

    I'm currently playing around with some ideas on how to make a good userfriendly, altough advanced, webadmin interface for Bukkit. I've come up with this idea for a layout of a webadmin, but i would really like to hear your comments/suggestions on it, before i go further into this. So far, the only thing that i have done, is making the base layout in photoshop, and afterwards setting it up in a html page, to see how it would look like and act in a browser.

    So far, the result looks like this (in chrome 11, i'm to lazy to make it cross-browser friendly yet..).

    Say hi to...


    The layout itself, is dynamic, and will adjust to the users resolution. Only the server list and action list has a fixed width. And yes, i know that the screenshot is in a weird resolution :eek:, but i haven't had access to a proper computer while i put this together.. It's made on a netbook, LOL!

    EDIT: I will try and make a couple of alternatives to this interface, since the more i look at it, the more it annoys me :oops:. With that said, it's not like i have put this into the garbage.. Yet :p.

    Now to the functionality i wan't it to have. Beneath is a list of some of the functions it should contain when it's done. This i haven't thought completely trough yet, so there will probably be added more functions (or even removed some, if i ain't capable of getting it to work properly). If you got any suggestions on other functions than those on the list, then you're welcome to tell me those.
    • Multi-server support, so that you can administrate all your servers in one place.
    • Build-in console, with a logging mechanism, so you can safe eventual errors messages which could occur on your server.
    • Simple gui for most common used commands - which also should be able to be modified by the user.
    • Multi-world management.
    • Plugin management.
    • Possibility to add new gui's made for specific plugins, or to manually create them by yourself trough the panel. These should also be able to be exported, in sort of a package, which can be installed on other BukkitPanels.
    • Backup management.
    • Player management.
    • Server statistics.
    The whole thing will be made in PHP/MySQL, even tough i'm not the worlds greatest programmer (to say the least... I'm more of a front-end guy.), but fortunately i got some mates to help me out. But maybe some of you guys are great at this, and also wan't to help? Send me a PM, if you're interested!

    To connect the BukkitPanel with Bukkit servers, the plan was to use JSONAPI. Altough i haven't read up completely on that yet, it seems like the best way to do it.

    I've also got an idea, of making a mobile version of the BukkitPanel, which should be optimized for Android/iOS devices. I will soon add some concept screenshots of that too. If i decide to make it, then it will first be after the desktop version of Bukkit is done.

    Oh well, I believe that was it, although i probably have forgotten to mention something. It will be added later on.

    Thank you very much for your patience, if you have gotten all the way through my post! And as mentioned before (too many times maybe :rolleyes:), don't hold back if you got any comments/suggestions!

    The project is going to take a while, before i've got something to release. It's harder to make this, than i expected. So i just wanna say, that i got no clue at all, about when this is going to be done! :rolleyes:

    Updates on the progress

    • Made the most basic functions of BukkitPanel, to handle different servers and actions.
    • Made a simple template system, which might get changed further into to progress. This i've made, so that it won't be too hard to change the whole look of the UI, if wanted.
    • Made a bit of documentation, on how i wan't this thing to work/behave, and made other planning involving the project.
    The project is going REALLY slow, since my m8's got a lack of interest for helping me out. Therefore i will have to learn while making, and that takes a lot of time... So far, i won't give any release date, since i got no clue of wether or not my skills are good enough for making this.


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    DUUUDE, this is so EPIC :D

    I would defenitly use this :)
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    Thank you very much, and i'm glad you find it interesting :D! I myself can't wait until this is done, but its probably going to take a while. After all, this is just a hobby project :).

    I must say though, that i'm a bit worried about how the adminpanel will look on higher resolution screens.. I might have to either make the design less flexible (fixed widths all over the place), or redesign the way it is now and keep it dynamic.

    But time will tell.. Just gotta get home to the "real" pc first, lol!
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    (I hope the moderators won't kick my ass for this xD)
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    I'd like to contribute, I was thinking of starting to work on a Permissions manager, to edit users and group via a GUI (now that Permissions has MySQL, that should be fairly easy !).

    I have quite a few ideas, you could try adding a dynamic cron, so that users can have commands run at intervals. (Save, stop, backup, start every several hours, stuff like that).

    If you need a hand, I'd love to help ! :)
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    Seems very promising! Keep up the good work!
  7. Looks great! I have been thinking about making something like this, but im not too good at programming, so... UI looks cool too. Keep up the work!
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    Seems like a good idea, altough i got no clue how to make it at the moment. Once i get the site for this project up and running, then your welcome to join me there, if you wish, or to just check out what's done, and then give some input on it? Would be awesome! Anyway, i'm starting to doubt a bit on this project. My lack on programming skills is kicking me in the nuts!

    @RaCooN & varesa
    Thank you both for the compliments:cool:! It's always appreciated, and makes me want to make this project even more!

    General update
    I've started to code the whole thing now, but with my lack on skills, when it comes to programming, this is pretty darn difficult >.<. So far, i've made the basic handling of the GUI, with a simple template manager (in order to add other GUI's later on) and have now gotten to the part, where i need to implement and use the JSONAPI. It's just not as easy as i hoped ^^. But it's probably just me, who is too lazy to read up properly on the use of it..

    I won't give up that easy though. I will try to get some of the people who is near me irl, and who has better programming skills than me, to help me get on with this. I guess i need someone to sit next to me for a while, to help me understand how i should make this, in the best way possible, and to make me understand the JSONAPI better.

    If i just weren't such a lousy coder... *head slammed into table* :eek:. Oh well, back to work. I'm soon going to have a site for this project, on the domain It's not open for public yet, since i still need to setup a couple of things. It will be soon though..
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    Looks great! I imagine there are going to be a few more forum posts with people not understanding the most basic of problems, due to a gui interface giving a false impression that running a server is easy.... but that's always going to be the case.

    It sounds better shortened to 'bPanel'. I could put it right next to 'cPanel' in my bookmark bar.
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    @GeorgGearIQs You got MSN/Skype? :)
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    To let making separate usernames to enter to the panel, and giving every user his own permissions (like manage only specific server, or only to see the server statistics and etc...) - this will be greate :D
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    Looks good. Would it be Open-Source? :)
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    This looks amazing!!!
    I will be using this when you release it!
    ***Also an idea***
    -Will there be an option to add users to the webpanel, like so i can have admins log on but not disable plugins and not edit the premissions and stuff?
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