[suggestion] Plugin Subfolders!?!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TiRa.1337, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Hey there...

    I'd like to ask, if you could add support for subfolders in the plugin directory... cuz its better to manage^^

    what i mean is sth. like 'categorie'-subfolders...

    one for 'RPG' which will contain all RPG-related plugins like McMMO, XLevel, LevelCraft etc..
    one for 'Administration', which will contain Admin Panel, Weather Control, World Edit, World Guard etc..
    one for XYZ... etc

    or if you want, a subfolder per plugin, so you can add other files to it, like links to internet-sites.. etc...

    to make it visual:
    i want to have support for sth. like this folder-structure, where plugins also read their config files from:


    Would be really nice to have this ;)

    Thanks in advice,
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    Agreed, maybe the option in settings to define sub folders if there are concerns with some plugins messing up bukkit.
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    well, it't not needed.. but it would be still nice to have.. more oversight and structured plugins...
    it becomes weird, if you have 60+ plugins running which off 40 have an own folder for their settings/configs/etc...
    I#d rather have all ONE-plugin-related stuff in one subfolder, if not a subfolder of a 'category-folder ';)

    and btw., you can add a description to the plugin then^^ like i did in the sample above ;)
    <PluginName> - <Description> =)

    and links to the plugins site/page/forum/threat... makes updating also more simple..
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    this sounds like it'd be more of a nightmare to manage from a console.
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    i would not mean to force users to put their plugins into folders... you could left them in the /plugins-folder...

    and for console, i dont see any reason where it should be a nightmare...

    i could see a point, if the console itself would force you to type sth. like: plugins/administration/worldguard/worldguard.jar...

    but you would not have to, if the plugin would be'linked'.. means.. if you type just worldguard.jar, it would direct you to the folder containing the plugin^^..

    at least, thats what i think about xD

    maybe one of the bukkit-team could leave a statement? xD

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    I don't see the advantage of this, only the disadvantages. Currently, you get a nice A - Z list of your plugins in one simple view, called a folder.

    With subfolders, you'd have to open each of them to see what's actually inside.

    And many plugins would be classified differently by different people. You mentioned /administration and put worldguard there, which for me surely is a protection, not administration plugin.

    Thirdly, you can bet people will end up with the same plugin, two different versions, in two different folders, and then Bukkit will throw an error.

    Last, but not least, now we have a neat function that comes with Bukkit that gives us the plugin folder for each plugin (for developers, to store configs and data in a plugins subfolder). Your suggestion would be, I assume, quite a nightmare for that function to properly work.
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