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    I have no idea how to make plugins. So i was wondering if someone can handle this project.

    Idea: Have the ability to drop all items in Inventory.


    /dropall - drops all in inventory
    Some other sort of command that drops like the first row, second row, third row and the last row.
    /droprow1 -Would drop whats in row1

    Just an idea.
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    Sounds like a useful plugin. I'd recommend changing the syntax to something like:
    /drop all
    /drop 1
    Where the second one would drop everything in row one.

    Just my two cents.
  3. This is a useful plugin indeed.
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    Now to find someone who'd be able to make it :p I might, but I'm not planning on trying anything Java any time soon, so not now. :3
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    Cleaner will fix those problems, just waiting on support for removal of items.

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