Sudden, terrible lag for all player except me

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jet9, Jun 26, 2011.

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    I started up my server today for the first time in a week or so and updated it to build 935 and all of the other players are experiencing terrible, crippling lag. I haven't changed anything from the previous time I ran it.

    EDIT: after making this post, I downloaded the plugin GiantTrees

    I run it from my laptop, Windows 7 64-bit
    I'll put my plugins in a different post

    anticreeper-prevents creepers from spawning
    blacksmith-iConomy weapon repair
    blastpick-fast removal of blocks when enabled
    bMobs-command to kill all mobs
    simplechestlock-locks chests
    clayflow-water/lava makes clay instead of cobble
    codelock(removed from can have password for use
    evercart-storage minecarts load chunks for long-distance transport
    fencestack-fences stack normally
    localshops-plugin for shops
    a logger(just named logger, not sure which specific one)
    mobBounty-money for killing mobs
    Mobrider- saddles can be used to ride any mob/player
    paintingswitch-switches paintings using the scrollwheel, hasn't worked recently
    PlgColdLightning-lightning doesnt cause fire
    PvP control-people can decide whether or not they want to use PvP
    SaddleBack-killing a pig with a saddle drops a saddle
    secretdoors- can create secret doors behind blocks
    simplehome-for teleporting home
    spyer-invisibility/fake logoff for moderators/admin
    stackable-makes more items stack(food, buckets, etc)
    unlimitedlava-creates pools of infinite lava
    vStopfire-fire doesnt spread
    weatherman-weather control/lightning shooting

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  2. @Jet9

    Was this problem only happening now, or was it a recurring issue before?
    Specs of your laptop?
    Your laptop is connected via cables/wireless?
    And also, internet speed?
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