[SUBMITTED] BananaPermissions - a permission system that is bananatastic! PreRelease! iChat! [860]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by codename_B, Jun 21, 2011.

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    The Angry kat

    Ok heres another deal: How do i add permissions to build to a group? I tryed adding
    build: true ,build:true ,build: yes and build:yes.
    Non work lol.
  2. read the OP, its a permissions node you add.
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    code add softdepend:bananaPermissions to the bridges plugin.yml
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    Woot. Nice one code. I will be switching my little server over to this. I'm fed up with permissions 3. 'the future' or whatever it's called. lol. Nice one. :)

    have some diamonds:


    -runs out of room for more-
  5. Sorry but there really is no point in this, it's like re-inventing the wheel.
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    This was made because of the issues experienced with Permissions 3 i believe. Also it's always nice to have alternatives. BananaPermissions is supposed to be easier to use i think.;)
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    its like reinventing as in Permissions 3 was a hexagon wheel BananaPermissions is round wheel
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    Can you set a default group?
  10. The default group is "default".

    Do you want to set another group as default?
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    Not me perrsonally, but I'm sure some others might want to.

    Also, have you seen PEX? It's sort of like this but for 2.x instead of 3.x.

    P.S. Nice plugin.
  12. This is for 2.x and 3.x :)
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    Oh. Ok. Then it's just like PEX, only it supports 3.x in all it's bugfilled but awesome glory!
  14. Yep, pretty much, as always, was written for my server but is here for anyone else who wants it.
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    Yes i want to be able tp change "Default" to guest or such
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    could you add methods to change someones group?
  17. There should already be that, if not, sure.
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    hey i cant get the new version of the bridge into a project could you change the name of the PermissionHandle to Security and make it public

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  19. :confused: why does the name have to be changed to Security?
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    because some plug ins like World Edit and multi verse accesses the Permission handler by accessing Security
  21. o.o
    I totally don't understand what you mean - you have my source - please show me what you mean by coding it.
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    in the permissions class there is
    PermissionHandler ph;
    i need
    public static PermissionHandler Security;
  23. What is this security? I have no idea. Dude, just do it. You don't need me.
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    ok ill make it im just saying atm WE and multiverse dont work with it
  25. KK - Thanks - I'm just not sure what this "Security" thing is.
  26. Submitted with a new name :)
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    Is There a node for a prefix or how do I set a groups prefix?
  28. I'm not sure, but to make sure we don't get any other 6 month necro's, I'm gonna lock this @codename_B
    Maybe devbukkit / the release thread will be of help to you.
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