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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by hellolol123, Apr 8, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Submitting Worlds

    Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.16.4

    Suggested name: WorldSubmission

    What I want: I would like a plugin where users can create a world in our server and submit it to us for display. The user cannot edit the world after submitted, and the user is limited to a certain amount of blocks. The user should not be in creative mode (to avoid NBT tagged items), and instead should have a GUI to take specific items out of.

    Ideas for commands:
    /submission create
    /blocks (alias: /b)
    /submission name <name>
    /submission view <username> <submission name>
    /submission accept
    /submission deny <username> <submission name> (deletes world after denied)

    Ideas for permissions:
    worldsubmission.create (create submission)
    worldsubmission.submit (submit world)
    worldsubmission.blocks (pull up blocks gui) (name submission)
    worldsubmission.admin (deny submission, accept submission, view submission)

    When I'd like it by: As Soon As Possible
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    I can tell you that this part takes a lot of time and effort and will discourage majority of developers from trying out this project.
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    Oh okay, if anybody doesn't want to include that, that's fine.
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    I'll attempt at doing this, first a couple of clarifications:

    1. Is the limit is to the blocks that the player can place down?
    2. How many blocks and the player break?
    3. If the player breaks a block that he placed down, does it still count against his limit, or does he get one more block to place down?
    4. Is it an empty world, or is it just a randomly generated world? How big is the world, is there a border?
    5. Can the player can have multiple submissions?
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    Also if you can, can you create a way in the config to change the /submission to something else? (You don't need to do this)

    I put my answers inside the quote.

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    I have started working on this, couple questions

    Should the player be able to fly?
    Should the player break blocks instantly?
    Can the player die?
    Can the player take damage?
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    Fly - Yes
    Break Blocks Instantly - Yes
    Die - No
    Damage - Yes (if you can make them auto-regen after 5 seconds, if not that's fine.)
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    Only blocks they've placed.
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    I created a very crude version of this plugin. I will now work on making it better, adding permissions, GUIs, et cetera.


    /contests create [contestName]
    /contests submission create [contestName] [submissionName]
    /contests submission pallet
    /contests list
    /contests view [contestName] [submissionName] [nameOfOwner]
    Tell me if there is anything that you want changed

    (As of now the player can break any block, not only the ones they have placed)
    (The player can take damage, can't fly, and can die, I will work on changing this later)

    Give me a week to send you a polished version.

    Bugs I have found already:
    - Message "Only console can use this command" is supposed to say "Only players"
    - When restarting the server all submissions are unsubmitted.
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    @Chr0mosom3 Why not just create a folder in the plugin data folder that will hold all the submissions and when a player creates one it creates a yml with the name of the submission in that folder (be sure to check for duplicate names). Add a command to clear all submissions in that folder and now you have a system that does not wipe on server restarts. This is only if you need an idea on how to get that working.
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    You mean like to have a individual .yml for each submission? Never thought of doing it that way. The way I did it is just to have one big .yml will all the contests and submissions.
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    I have no clue.
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