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    NOTE** please do not message me asking me if i would like to pay you. i has no money. =(
    If you would like to make this out of the kindness of your heart, ill give you donator rank on my server? =D
    parody to F my life ;D

    I need a specific plugin for my faction server and I'd like it to be called Stuck My Life.

    description: when players are in enemy territory, they can not use any teleport commands (i.e. /spawn, /home, /f home, /tpa) however! Stuck My Life is there to let players type /stuckmylife
    and a teleport will commence to the server spawn teleport.

    the catch: the TP countdown from the time they type /stuckmylife will be 1 minute. This makes it so that if the enemy faction is all offline, they can still get out of the enemy territory. or, if they ARE online but not noticed by the enemy, they can teleport safely out if they manage to survive in the same place for 1 minute.

    1) configurable tp countdown (i might make it 2 minutes or somewhere in between)

    if possible, a /smlsetspawn command for me to set the spawn. i might make a jail like room where they must pass a parkour or something to get out of the room even after their successful tp.
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    There is a feature in essentials for teleport delay, but I'm not sure if this is what you want
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    essentials has 2 features. teleport delay, and teleport countdown. im talking about teleport countdown, not teleport delay. semantics, i know.. but lets just be sure we know we are on the same page.

    all commands on the server use the essentials tp countdown already and it is set at 7 seconds. so if someone typed any teleport command, they would have to stand still for 7 seconds to commence tp. essentials does not allow me to make command-based teleport countdowns.

    I need a stand-alone plugin so I can make a new command that will have a teleport countdown of 1 minute that wont interfere with the essentials tp countdown of all other teleport commands. I would like this command to be /stuckmylife or /sml is fine. a config file allowing me to adjust the tp countdown.

    do you understand now troll dude? im trying to explain it as good as possible.
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    You can do this with WorldGuard.
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    iBCoLLiN do what exactly? stop tp commands? that isnt what im asking =P the teleport commands are already blocked by the factions plugin. i can unblock or block any command i want.

    the issue isnt with blocking/unblocking commands. my issue is that I need a teleport countdown of 1 minute on just one command.
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    If someone wants to leave enemy territory they can just do /etpa or /ehome or /espawn
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    ethaneee22 those command are also disabled. on purpose =P I made it impossible to teleport out of enemy territory on purpose. it is like this for player traps factions make. so a player cant get out by the skin of their teeth.

    yes, i COULD compensate and make all tp countdowns like 20 seconds like some faction servers, but i dont want to do that because majority of the time people want to just type /f home or /spawn when no one is anywhere near them, or even at spawn in a safezone. i need this plugin for when it counts. you see? because only the hardcore faction players realize a 20 second tp countdown for all tp commands is a good game mechanic. the everyday player thinks a 20 second countdown is a waste of their life. you see?

    this plugin does come in handy for those who get into an enemy base and cant get out. say they are trying to raid them but there is a pocket or wall they fell into in the base and they cant get out. they can then type /stuckmylife and wait 1 minute to teleport. this makes it so the enemy still has a chance to kill them if they spot them in their land.


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    It was only 12 hours after the post that you bumped. Replying to a thread counts as bumping as far as I know. ;)
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    Kinda true, just make sure that there are at least 24 hours between your own posts
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    duly noted.
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    I should have your plugin done by Wednesday evening.
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    BooGaLoo90 I could make this, possibly done by tomorrow given that I have time.
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    awesome! thank you so very much =)

    oh just to confirm.

    /stuckmylife - for TPers (optional: /sml)
    /smlsetspawn - for admins to optionally set different spawn point. (Default if server spawn)

    config file to determine how long the tp countdown is.
    Optional: customize messages sent to players
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