Struggling with permissions? Check out my noob level 99 tutorial for bPermissions!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by codename_B, Jan 18, 2012.

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    I've created a pictoral tutorial for getting you started with bPermissions on your server.

    It's aimed at complete beginners and can be found here.

    If you already have some experience with using permissions plugins/servers you might want to just view the main page!
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    Because some people can't read pictures, would you mind if I created a YouTube tutorial for this? :) It'll cover everything in your Tutorial and even helping with setting up certain plugins. :)
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    Not at all, I love youtube things!
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    Alright I have Friday off. I'll see what I can do. (Maybe if I'm nice I'll make a Pex -> bPermissions tutorial :))
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    These will all be featured on the bPermissions main page (if they're any good ;) )
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    Haha well, I'm familiar with both PeX and bPermissions. Have to learn the new(er) command system though. Still getting the hang of it. (My advanced one will be the same except the 2.1.4b command system)
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    Nuuuuu the new command system please.
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    I'll do both. Don't you worry.
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    with bpermissions do i have to manually add a new user to (whitelist and then creat ther own section in users??)
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    Since it has no prefix feature which prefix plugin would you recommend?
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