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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by kaas33, Apr 5, 2015.

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  1. Hello,

    Plugin Name: staffblock

    Idk if someone can make this, but i would like a plugin that blocks asking for staff and gives them a link to where they can apply.

    For example:

    (user)(....) Hey can i apply for staff
    (consol > me) Go to here: (site)

    and the first message is blocked in chat so nobody can see it. and second msg says the link in a private chat and not in the main chat


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    I will do this but give me a day or two as i'm rather busy.
  3. @kaas33 I will make this when I get some free time.
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    I could do it... Do you want it so that if somebody says staff in a sentence this happens like "I REALLY WANT STAFF" Or more specific like if they say staff and have in the same sentence like, "Could i have staff..."

    EDIT: Ninja'd by 2 people...
  5. could you make it so that it recognizes words? like » can i apply for staff/admin/moderator/helper/builder?
  6. @kaas33 I have this done, not tested. Download available here.

    Please tell me if you find any errors.
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    I could...
    Link for mine is here
    It's awaiting approval
  8. Thank you!

    Also Thank you, i will try both plugins :D

    working flawlessly, Thank you very much!!

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  9. @kaas33 No problem, if you ever have any issues or it needs updating just tell me.
  10. Could you block the can i be admin message in chat so other people dont see it?
  11. @kaas33 Sure thing.

    EDIT: Done, same download link.
  12. Doesnt seem to block it in chat... :/
  13. @kaas33 Works for me, make sure you have the new version and that you have restarted.
  14. Does OP effect it?

    BTW: im also using 1.8
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