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    Plugin category: antigrief

    Suggested name: NoFireCharge

    What I want: I admin on a raid pvp server which griefing is allowed but firecharge manages to bypass faction claimed land and worldguard protection for spawn

    Ideas for commands: /NFC toggle

    Ideas for permissions: player.allow.firecharge

    When I'd like it by: within a week
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    Doesn't WorldGuard let you block the use of fire charges?
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    Not that i know of it disables fire but firecharges can still be used on spawn = wood/wool and the tnt that is used in the shop
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    I meant the blacklist. Can't you block make firecharge on-use=deny,notify?
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    If you use PermissionEx in combination with modifyworld you can deny firecharge from use with this permission:
    This "-" is very importan.

    I'm not sure if modifyworld works with other permission plugins. :)

    If you want to use different plugin, you can use
    I used it before I know for this thing with modifyworld. :)
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    tried all essentials/worldguard doesnt work, we use permissions bukkit
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    dannybtw My plugin stops all explosions from damaging the enviroment but at the same time still allows them to cause damage!

    If there is a missing feature that you want ill add it in for you today

    EDIT: I can add in some code to stop blocks from being destroyed by fire but still leave the damage it does to players and mobs there to solve your problem and include it in a 0.4 version of NoSplosion tonight (PST)
    and I will include a toggle so that you can toggle whether the fire is canelled or not. Will this work for you??

    Or I will make an entire new plugin for you please tell me what you prefer? I can get the brand new plugin within 2 days tops
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    Officialjake your plugin would not help me as griefing is allowed on the server by tnt and flint and steel but our spawn is being griefed by firecharges
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    Oh its a worldgaurd problem then.
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    Plugin Name: NoFirecharge
    Description: Blocks fire placement with firecharges if the user doesn't have the permission.
    Permission nodes:
    nofirecharge.bypass - Bypasses the plugin, allowing the user with the permission to place fire with fire charges.
    Download link: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Edit.: Re-download it, I was compiling it in the wrong java version.
    Edit 2.: Re-download it, permissions fixed.

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