Still looking for help with WorldGuard, WorldEdit, CraftBook, or CommandBook

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by sk89q, Jul 15, 2011.

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    I've been using your plugins since hMod 132. Id be glad to help out, although I'm not overly familiar with Bukkit APIs. I did make an hMod plugin once for 133. Funny story on that one... Found it had not only resurfaced on CanaryMod but it still works. XD. I made it when /butcher wasn't working as I wanted it to.
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    I'm willing to help develop CommandBook. Also, do you know when/if the Redmine issue tracker will work again?
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    I could help out with testing commandbook and world edit, i have used then both lots on my server.
    Skype: Travo97
  4. I can help you with WorldEdit. I know Java and Eclipse. I've made some plugins for bukkit, so I know the Bukkit's API. I'm learning how to work with git.
    skype: tomas_hahaha
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    Would love to work on the commandbook feature.
    Languages I thoroughly know:
    Languages I can read well, can *somewhat* write
    General subjects I can deal with:
    Some problems I may run into:

    But, as I see from previous responses, lots of people want to work on it. :)
    If you got something, you can contact me on steam (bergerkillir), xfire (ibergerwar) or gmail (
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    I would love to assist. I don't know how much time I could put in, or how well my limited knowledge of Java will help, but once I read some of the code, I can understand what to do a little better. I am willing to try all three things.
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    i could help people by answering questions. ill help on all three if needed :D
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    Skype: irishawesome; I would love to help out anyway I can.

    Java knowledge: about 12 years experience.
    C++: to be honest, never looked into it, but I love learning.
    Maven + Git: Bits of knowledge here and there, same as C++ mostly.

    I may not be the ripest candidate for the choosing but I just want to help, I'm not pushing any of the well rounded Members away on this forum; my soul intention is to provide my services thank you.

    However I thought to be fair, I should mention that I do have a disability that I don't have the heart to mention but I would still love to help.
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    Hey, I would love to help out with coding, I thouroughly know C# and VB.NET, I have dabbled in Java and I'm decently comfortable with it. The only area I know i'm not up to par in is actual Bukkit plugin development, mainly because there are so few resources beyond your standard "First Bukkit Plugin" tutorial.
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    Do you have a Skype?

    You already know me, so IM me.

    Have Skype?

    Have Skype?
  11. I can help! I can test and program!

    I do have skype:
    - xGamingGeneration

    And Google+:
    - My Google+
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    Added you on skype. :)
    Sidenote: having a hard time getting maven installed in Eclipse, the download link for in the "install software" part is no longer valid. I'll look into it a bit more to get everything running.
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    verticalbar on skype
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    I'm good with Bukkit plugin development; I use Netbeans (built in Maven, but I'll use Eclipse if I must) and I really want to learn Maven. My Skype name is simplyianm.
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    hello mister :)

    i am:
    Pimentolord (bukkit)
    pimentolord (skype)

    EarthGuardian (MC)


    i just started programing java with ecclips .. and made my fist plugins by tuts.
    my plugin is kinda a block detection system ..
    i have it for when you placed a TNT .. it sends out a global message with the player name .. world name and the X, Y Z location of the TNT placed
    in collor i might add ..
    i know this is a basic plugin .. and im working on the Lava bucket to register when you use the lava bucket .. no luck yet on that tho becouse it a player itneract thingy not a block placed thingy ..

    in the future i whant my plugin to make a config.yml whete you can put true or false on witch block you sould register :)

    well i realy whant to learn some more :)
    might i say i learn prety fast .. when it comes to "editing" games
    java is jsut new for me :)
    and to help with the great plugin makers (like your selve) becouse world edit rocks XD
    command book is verry nice ... needs some more commands tho in my opinion ...

    i would love it if you or some one from your staff can teach me more on how to make plugins :)

    p.s i emailed this to :)

    greets sander
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    Please add me on Skype: the.sk89q

    I'm still looking for help!
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    Added you on skype.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I haven't seen you on Skype, sk.
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    Hey, I would love to help out, my skype is dbizzzle, please add me :)
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    I haven't ever really gotten into java before but i would love to help out by testing plugins. I currently use Worldedit, Wolrdguard, and Commandbook (latest dev versions) on my private server. Juts let me know what i can do and how to do you want it done. i also don't have a Skype but can easily make one if necessary.
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    I may help with Worldedit or Worldguard Coding.
    I've very Knowledgeable with Java.
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    Unfortunately I dont use Skype and am kinda busy at the moment. I do use worldedit on a server and there are some things about it that bother me. Already got one simple change pulled in and when i get the time ill take a look at another issue, but i guess for me unfortunately pulls will be the way to go.
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    I could help but I get lost at my own classes :D
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    I can help you with WorldGuard/Edit in testing.. my coding is not so good :(
    Skype: metin2.markus
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    I've been using commandBook since close to its release. I have decent coding skills, but a lot more to learn. I am also very good with idea brainstorming and testing.

    Skype: Zaros104
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    Since @sk89q hasn't replied in quite a while, here's what you can do to help out:

    For Developers
    Visit and select the project you wish to contribute to. Look under the "Issues" tab and work on something that is unassigned and seems interesting. Comment on the issue to let the developers know that you are working on the issue.

    Fork the appropriate repository at sk89q's GitHub. Work on the code and test it before submitting the pull request. If the changes work out the request will be merged.

    For Testers
    Visit and download the latest build of the appropriate project. If you come across a bug, report it at You can also discuss the plugin(s) on SK's Forum.

    Contact sk89q via Twitter or myself for general questions.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Do you have any idea where @sk89q is?
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    He's still occasionally plays on his server with myself and a small group of users. He says he's gotten bored of Minecraft, but 1.8 has renewed his interest.

    I do know that CommandBook 1.6 is due for release soon. Craftbook development is slow, but still progressing. Updates to WorldEdit and WorldGuard also seem to be coming soon, although I'm personally not involved with those two plugins.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I'd like to be involved with CommandBook or WorldEdit. How can I join?
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