Still looking for help with WorldGuard, WorldEdit, CraftBook, or CommandBook

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by sk89q, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I'd love to have some help with any of my plugins. I'm still happy to accept testers and programmers included. You should be relatively experienced with Java!

    Email me:
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    I'm confused about what you are asking... Is this thread about hiring people to help with your plugins? And why would we have to know C# if Bukkit Plugins are in Java...

    If you clarify these questions, I would love to help out!
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    He said if people know C# but not Java he can help. Also if people don't know Git or Maven or Eclipse he can help too. The people just should have some fundemantal knowledge about coding as far as I can tell.

    He searches for people helping him as he hasn't got that much free time to maintain everything.
    (If I did understand everything correctly)
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    I'm interested to help you with the WorldEdit plugin, used it for some time now.
    Just saw how i can help?
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    Oh, I understand... sk89q I would love to help out! Please add me on Skype or PM me.
  6. Looks like there's a lot of support :)
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    I wouldn't mind lending a hand in some respect. No idea what Maven is yet though :(

    Ma skype is Specops343.
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    I'll love to help out when i have free time.

    May you add me on Skype? My Skype name is halvorshalvors
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    Daniel Heppner

    sk89q, you're one of my favorite plugin devs on here and I'd love to help you out. I've got (some) experience with Maven, Jenkins, and Java, and I'm pretty good at Git related things. I tend to be a lazy coder when I don't have some goal or objective or inspiration, and helping out with one of these plugins will be great for that. Put me where you want me, I don't care which one I work on. I'd just love to help and learn from the pros. :p I just switched from NetBeans to Eclipse because of the better integration with Maven.

    Skype: computersafari
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    What if one knows PHP, also I know a little Java and planning on starting to digging into Java and the Bukkit API. I can help with testing, questions and other tasks too :)
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    Oh yes, there'll always be lots of support for WorldGuard and WorldEdit...but I wonder how many here know the amount of complexity they're about to dive into (if they're looking for a coding aspect, that is) :p
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    The code is complex, but! only if you're trying to figure it out yourself. I can help point out how things are organized. It can be a good learning experience, as WorldEdit and WorldGuard tend to be heavy in algorithms, OOP, and language features.

    It seems Skype is the way to go. If you don't have a Skype name, please register one and post it. If you don't want to, then maybe we can arrange an alternative.

    Edit: I added everyone to my buddy list that posted a Skype address.
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    I'll help. dylanholmesdh
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    Ill help, tsterbush
  15. It'd be great to help for me, too. I'm already a bit familar with the source of WorldEdit (I was curious how stuff works every once a while), but helping with the other ones would be great too.
    Just put me where I'm needed, for things that refer to programming/Java I can also help others.
    And learning more about Maven and Git would also be sweet, I don't know much about it apart from comitting and pushing code ;)

    Skye-Name: lukibone
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    Skype: Hretsam
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    I find that WorldEdit's sourcecode is pure spaghetti, not that it is complex, but that a single thing is spread out into hundreds of classes making it really hard to navigate.
  18. i would like to help but on Craftbook if that is possible

    pm me if you need me
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    Emailed you.
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    That's polymorphism for you, and is pretty fair game in a lot of development (especially in Java). The reason is that it makes it very easy to extend existing features. If I had "kept it simple" and used as few classes as possible, it would be nearly impossible to add new region shapes, tools, masks, patterns, and support for other plugin frameworks. All you need to do in WorldEdit is implement one interface and all existing code works with your new implementation automatically.

    There is the cost that the code comes off harder to navigate, but the advantages are phenomenal.

    Send me your Skype name.
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    Yes, I know that. My apologies, maybe my opinion is biased after trying to navigate the code through the github web interface...
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    I'd love to help you test your plugins! I don't know like anything about Java C#, but I was thinking to start learning it. But for now if you want some help and reviews testing them, id be glad to help out, as I have used your plugins in my server before, and they’re the most useful ones I’ve ever had. I would be honoured in testing and reviewing any of your plugins.
    Skype Contact: Jacob123223
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    I would definitely enjoy either helping test your plugins, or answering questions, or even both. You can contact me using my skype username: Zero_whaley or by emailing me at
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    Oh yeah, definitely. That thing is hard to use. I usually have to checkout a repo if I want to seriously read code, as I just run in circles otherwise.
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    Yeah, I had to use it because apt was busy and I didn't install git after a clean install of Natty.
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    I've been using WorldEdit, CraftBook and WorldGuard for ages and I'd like to answer questions or even also help- test new things. My skype is - surprise, surprise - efstajas.
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    Would love to help, dak393
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    I can help you with testing of WE and CB(CommandBook) as I having heavy use for them... my skype dominic.burton
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    I may help with Worldedit or Worldguard Coding.
    I've very solid C++ - Knowledge, also a good knowledge of Java. Github knowledge also, looking at Maven i have to say: I used it one time and that was it, so I may maybe need some help with that.

    Skype Name: mxE333xm (It's Creative, isn't it?)
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    I am not a plugin developer but I know Java, I know how github works, I know C++, also I am very helpful...
    I would love to test, bug report, code.
    Email me @
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