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    Plugin category: Chat related

    Suggested name: Statuses

    What I want: I would like a plugin that allows you to set different types of "statuses" by typing a command. So basicly you could just set a status, go afk and set how long youll be gone and why your gone, or you can check anothers status

    Ideas for commands:

    • /status afk t:[time] r:[reason]
    - "t" is to set how long you'll be gone in minutes​
    I would like a "countdown" feature so it displays how much longer it is until they'll supposedly be back
    - "r" is to set why your gone​
    - if no reason is given it generates a default message saying "no reason given" and shows time​
    - if no time is given it generates a default message saying "no time given" and shows reason​
    - if neither are there it generates a default message saying "no time or reason given"​
    • /status status [status]
    - sets a status​
    • /status hash [#something]
    • /status [Player Name]
    - checks another players status​
    • /status help
    - displays commands and their proper usage​

    Ideas for permissions:

    statuses.afk - for /status afk t:[time] r:[reason]
    statuses.status - for /status status [status]
    statuses.check - for /status [Player Name]
    statuses.hashtag - for /status hash [hashtag] - for /status help

    When I'd like it by: Within the week if you can

    Requested display format for /status [name]:

    [Player Name]'s status:
    afk: [true or false]
      - if the player is afk it shows this below it
    status: [Whatever the players status is]
    Hashtag: [whatever Hashtag they set]
    An AFK player:
    MasterMustard's status:
    afk: true
    time: 90
    reason: I hope this plugin gets made
    status: I really hope its made
    Hashtag: #PleaseMakeIt
    A Non-AFK player:
    MasterMustard's status:
    afk: false
    status: I hope this plugin gets made
    Hashtag: #PleaseMakeIt
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    still no takers?
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    I can understand the purpose of an AFK status, but why the hashtag?
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    It would be easier to just use the plugin /afk
    but this would be cool
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    The whole point is to know why and when they are expected back.

    Just for fun its just for something the users could mess around with.
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    yeah but you never know when they'll be back, lets say they leave for 90 seconds when they're trying to come back, they meet god (lol) and gets distracted for 30 minutes, and it shows that he's back, and people are talking to him, etc, I suggest using /afk, because if you're done you can just type /afk again, and they'll know that you're back
    i know this didnt make sense, but I could make it so you could understand but to lazy : o
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    I get what your saying but it's an estimate like on my server ill be gone for 10 min a player will come on wanting me wait 5 mins then leave. so if they knew i would be back soon they could stay on
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    oh, yeah, i'll try to find to see if there is a plugin made like this (Hopefully there is ; D)
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    I've found plugins for statuses, they haven't been updated for 2 years though
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    Yep lolll
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    I would love it if someone would make this!!!

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