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    Plugin category: Mechanics / Entertainment

    Suggested name: StationaryMobs

    What I want: I want a plugin, that let's me spawn a mob, that will act normal ( move it's head etc), but that won't move, or be able to be pushed. Then if I could attach a command to it ( If not, I have my own idea ). Also, to set a custom name for the mob.
    If you can't do all mobs, villager's are okay.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /sm summon <mob> <name> will create mob #1
    - /sm rename < id > <new_name> #id is #1 as above.
    - /sm attatch <id> <command>
    - /sm remove < id >

    Ideas for permissions:
    sm.interact ( interact with mob )
    sm.* ( all )

    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible !

    I know Citizens and another plugin can do this, but I want it to be one plugin, also I don't quite need ALL the things that citizens offers, I just want a simple plugin that can do this.
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    Just use citizens, even though you don't need "all the features" you shouldn't ask for a whole new plugin dedicated to having just some features of a bigger plugin.
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    Is there a plugin that makes them look normal? Because in Citizens, they either look 1 direction, or stare at the player 360 degrees. I want them to act normal, ( moving their head etc. )
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    eh, this has been solved. I found a way to do it without a plugin. :)
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