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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by mthompson331, Mar 17, 2016.

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    Hello, and thanks for reading! I've hosted servers for my friends in the past, and I would like to host a 1.9 server with a few plugins, but everything I had used previously (mostly Essentials) is out of date.

    My friends and I love having an economy available, as well as some basic teleport commands. Some of my friends try to fly and x-ray hack. So basically I'm looking for up to date and easy to use plugins for buying and selling, teleports, and anti-hacks. I've searched thru some of the plugins here and Essentials seems to still be the go-to for commands, even though it's 1.7.2.

    Hopefully there is someone out there that can help me out with some new mods!

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    If a plugin is made for a version, that doesn't mean, it doesn't work with newer ones
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    I'm looking for up to date and easy to use plugins for buying and selling, teleports, and anti-hacks. I realize that Essentials is still workable, I would just like to support newer plugins and devs, if there are any that are making stuff I could use.
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    @mthompson331, anti hack is pretty simple. Just search around on bukkit dev and you'll find many options. NoCheatPlus is one of the more reputable ones.

    Essentials can handle teleports (warps) and the economy. Don't use iConomy. It's severely bugged. No need to use a plugin that reinvents the wheel. There should be people who have edited essentials for 1.9 support by now.

    I cannot understate the importance of vault. Install vault, because sooner or later you'll need it.

    I'm not entirely sure what to say about buying and selling items, but for selling commands you can use my plugin CommandsForSale. The spigot site is updated with the latest jar (1.9), waiting approval in bukkit. I would search up "item marketplace plugin bukkit spigot" or something to that regard in Google. I'm sure you'll find something.
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    Thanks very much for the info. Looks like I need to get reacquainted with Essentials, and I'm happy to give your plugin a try.
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    ChestShop for item sell and buy, it should work with 1.9
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