Starting new map but keep old inventory?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by semibreve42, Dec 15, 2011.

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    My server is planning on a full map reset next week to make sure we can use the 1.0 features. I would like to let my users keep whatever is in their inventory at the time of the reset, is that possible?

    I was thinking I could copy the player folder from the old map to the new map, but then they would spawn in a random location, right?

    Is there a simple/better way to do this?

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    that's a difficult question yes. You could do it ingame by putting the two worlds online using multiverse. Than you can use multiinv to keep the same inventory between the two worlds and put the spawnpoint in your new world. I'll explain it a bit more config-like:

    - world_old
    - world_new

    - world_old_inv = world_new_inv

    setspawn in world_new for all groups

    I think that might work, but I'm not sure =S be sure to test it localhost first. Here are the two plugins:

    be sure to post if it worked pretty curious myself now =)
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