Starting my first plugin! Would like some help!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by timy659, Aug 22, 2011.

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    @MineDev My plugin.yml = name: PraytoGod
    main: me.timy659.praytogod.PraytoGod
    version: 1.0
    description: Pray command.
    usage: |

    EDIT: I MUST go downstairs now (parents....), I'll try your suggestion tomorrow!
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    If your command is basic:

    in your yml.. it wont work.

    In your yml set the command to pray:
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    @MineDev ah okay, im taking that huge plugin tutorial to strictly i guess


    It finally works!






    I'm not uploading it ofcourse :p

    But if you want the code (to show a student) I will upload it to this thread if you ask me.

    This just made my day!

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    It seems like to make this easy use a permissions thing. make one of the groups god give one person that then use chat and warp things. but seeing as you have it done and being the lazy person I am and don't feel like reading it all. hope it all works out it sounds like a nice plugin
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    Congratulations, man! Good luck on your journey :D
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    I hope the his journey starts off better than mine did xD

    Good luck bro :)
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    @MineDev With knowing that THIS MUCH people are willing to help me when I have a question, then I think I'll be fine ;)
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