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    So here it goes.
    Hi everyone and thank you for your patience.

    I bought a dedicated server to run minecraft and it does it well, unfortunately to block Griefers access i've setup a password preventing users from Playing and Moving if they don't have it.
    But here it goes and i want to make the Dedicated Server public not Only private but at the same time i wanna allow offline mode ( i know minecraft is cheap and people should buy it and most did so far )..

    So i already have Dynamic map, WorldGuard *disabled TNT* and so on.
    I've tried permissions today with McMyAdmin the mono server manager and plugins using Bukkit without great success more like PAIN in the ass because for unknown reason adding a Permission Node to a Group and adding Prefix Suffix with the Plugins they recommanded *Mcchat* and so on didn't work at all. So dropped the idea and went back to earlier build without McMyAdmin.

    Now Things i wanna do...
    Users Groups with prefix and suffix
    Ground Allocation for users
    Economy system for users *so they can buy they land or rent it*
    Shops with Different items on sales *every wool color and so on*
    Warp to Marketplace, Home, and so on.
    Permissions easily manageable *not used to Yaml at all*
    Possible Conflicts between plugins.
    Recommended Plugins and even if possible Starting Config files for permissions to help me setup mine.

    Either it's because i'm french and english is not my first language or setting up everything from permissions to McMyAdmin *if it would have worked EASY without probleme would have bought it seriously*

    I can check for plugins nodes on each plugins pages i don't really care just wish...some would be faster like instead of bukkit.command.*somecommand
    would be like bukkit.* (all nodes)

    Anyway here goes i hope to get this setup soon since i pay 56$ per month to play with 6 people i think it's a waste seriously.

    I already use those Plugins...
    • Citizens *will try it*
    • Dynmap
    • BorderGuard
    • BukGet
    • GoinRound v1 1185
    • Minemaze
    • MobRepellent *doesn't appear to work even thought it says i have 3 mob repellant build the mobs come inside the house next to repellent?*
    • PasswordProtect *For now to avoid Random Join and Grief*
    • PistonSqueezer *for my automated Factory and Cactus Farm*
    • PorteCoulissante
    • RetractableBridge *that one somehow never got to work but PorteCoulissante work fine*
    • GiveMeWool*for colors*
    • Stargate
    • Stargate-DHD ( didn't play with it yet i will soon )
    • WorldEdit *So great for editing mass amount of land*
    • WorldGuard *outside of putting TNT and Sponge functions didn't use it really*
    Waiting for suggestions and Help on what not and what to. Thanks a lot.

    Would really like suggestions from Servers owners.

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