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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by johnny boy, Nov 23, 2018.

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    johnny boy

    So again recently I am interesting in programming plugins, but I just don't know what to make. I want a challenge but not something impossible.. Plugin Requests are just being taken or they're all for 1.12 (I only use 1.8) so I need an idea.. Anyone got one?

    If I get an idea I guessssss this will be the thread that I post help on?

    P.S It's been a while so I don't think I can do anything to complex, but I'll try my best :)
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    Why are you on 1.8?

    If this is just meant for development, 1.12+ has way more methods and utils in it than 1.8, which makes programming easier and allows for more to be done (for example, 1.8 does not support multiple textures per items, so you could never create "new" items, nor does it have utils for title messages or bossbars)

    However, if you are on 1.8 because of PVP/ because you have a server, you should atleast click the link in my signature to understand all the exploits and problems it has, and try to find ways to fix/avoid them.

    Back on topic: Some basic plugin suggestions are:
    1. A basic "Hello world" plugin that broadcasts messages.
    2. A plugin to add "launching pads", where players walk onto a block and then are launched to another location
    3. A PVP protection plugin, so players that do not want to PVP won't be damaged
    4. A Chat formatting system. Maybe something to add prefixes and suffexs to chat, or allow for colored messages.
    5. A Head plugin, to get another player's head.
    6. You could also try looking at the "Resources" section, see what utils are available, and see if you can use them for anything.
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    johnny boy

    oo I like 2 and 4 (and probably 5), I will try those! Thank you for your ideas and tips..

    EDIT: After an hour number 4 is complete! You can set a title with /title <anything> and you can say colors in chat, I might add permissions, but apart from that I'd say #4 is completed. Going to try number 2 now, it's gonna be fun!

    picture of plugin in action:
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