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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MCFunCubes, Apr 11, 2016.

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    I am pretty much what many could call a "minecraft server veteran". I have started four different servers, and they all came to an end after about a year because of a sad reason: barely no players ever. I am thinking of starting a new server, and I would like to know how to start up a successful server. Should I advertise? Should I spam? Should I make my server stupid and simple? Please tell me what I should do so that finally, I will be able to make a new server and have no reason to shut it down.
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    Where's your purple heart? xD

    Start a server that you will enjoy playing on. Do some advertising but spam is just annoying. Don't give up. Listen to the players if they have suggestions. Running a MC server can be a roller coaster ride. No one will join because no one is playing. No one is playing because no one is joining. It depends on what kind of server you run but all it takes is one player playing a lot to get things going. Try and make a server unique. Factions and prison servers are not unique. I enjoy vanilla survival a lot and I do run a SMP vanilla style server. To shake things up a bit, I wrote a plugin to make the mobs a lot harder. I also have contests on the server to keep things interesting!
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    How about marketing? My server was interesting before, so I think I need help with marketing :)
    For the name, how about SuperNether?

    Does any1 like that name? By the way, what plugins are good for lobbies? I will probably use BungeeCord :)

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