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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by YoltsPixel, May 16, 2015.

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    So, I thought it would be a neat idea to bring a pokemon-ish feeling to my Faction server by adding starter mobs.


    A GUI opens on first join where people can choose a pet. They can choose between a cow, pig, bat and sheep. To choose one they click on the egg from that mob that's in the GUI. After they chose a mob they can type a name in chat and whatever they type in chat will be the name of the mob. The name they write should not appear in chat. The chosen mobs cannot be killed. And teleport to their player when its 15 blocks away from the player.

    When a mob has ben chosen: &cYou succesfully chose the mob [MOB_NAME] (for example: Bat)
    Choose a name for the mob: &cType a name for your mob in chat.

    /startermob disable (to disable the starter mob)
    /startermob enable (to enable the starter mob)
    /startermob add [mob_type] [player] (Will add a new mob to the player but that mob will replace the mob he chose first. So when he had a pig chosen and I types ''/startermob add Enderman Notch'' That will replace the pig from notch for an enderman. ) This command should only be available for OPs or people with permission ''Startermob.add''

    Thanks for reading and I hope someone is able to do this :) If you have any question comment below

    Im bad at explaining stuff so

    -YoltsPixel :pp
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    Anyone? I know this is kind off a hard plugin :/
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    I might do this for you tomorrow
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    @YoltsPixel I'm almost done, just have to test it.

    EDIT: Sorry for the delay, I was away from home. Here is the plugin: link. Please tell me if you want anything changed, found a bug or whatever.
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