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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LordOfPex, Nov 21, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Utilities.

    Suggested name: StaffTools

    What I want: II would like the plugin to let me view a list of the current staff, and their gameplay time this week.

    There will be a few permission nodes, lets take stafftools.stafflist.mod as an example. If the PEX group called 'Mod' has the permission stafftools.stafflist.Mod, the plugin will detect who is a member of the Mod group, and will log the time they are online. When they go offline, it will stop logging their online time until they will log back in, then it will continue to log the online time of theirs.

    I want to be able to see how much time each staff member was online every week, in a customizable list that I can view ingame, but also in a file.

    I would also like to be able to connect the plugin a MySQL database, So I can view a list of staff members of another server in my network.

    For example, I'm connecting Survival and Factions to 1 database, and I can do /stafflist Factions in Survival and it will show me the staff list of Factions and their online times.

    I would also like that after every amount of time ( That I can set on config) The onlin e time of all staff members will be reserved to 0 and will log the time from that moment again. (For example, it will reset the time every week and will log only the time of the next week).

    I would also like have custom messages if there are any (For example editing the list layout or something like that).

    Ideas for commands:
    /StaffTools = View the commands of the plugin.
    /Stafflist remove <Player> = Manually remove a player from the staff list.
    /Stafflist = View the staff list and their online time.
    /stafflist <Server> = View the list of staff members on another server.
    /StaffTools reset = Reset the timer of online time for all staff members.
    /StaffTools reload = Reload the config.

    Ideas for permissions: = Permission to /StaffTools
    StaffTools.stafflist = Permission to view the staff list.
    StaffTools.remove Player = Permission to remove Player from the staff list.
    StaffTools.reload = Permission to reload the config.
    StaffTools.stafflist.other servers = Permission to view the staff list of other servers.

    Staff rank permissions:
    StaffTools.stafflist.Mod = Permission for Mod staff rank.

    StaffTools.stafflist.Helper = Permission for the Helper staff rank.

    StaffTools.stafflist.PlayerAdmin = Permission for the PlayerAdmin staff rank.

    StaffTools.stafflist.Admin = Permission for the Admin staff rank.

    StaffTools.stafflist.HeadAdmin = Permission for the HeadAdmin staff rank.

    StaffTools.stafflist.GlobalAdmin = Permission for the GlobalAdmin staff rank.

    StaffTools.stafflist.CoOwner = Permission for the CoOwner staff rank.

    StaffTools.stafflist.Owner = Permission for the Owner staff rank.

    When I'd like it by: A week or so.
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  3. I might be able to make this for you, but I'd rather not mess with MySQL, is it really necessary?
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    Well not at all, I just don't know any other way that data from 2 or more servers can be stored anywhere else, Since I need to be able to get data from other servers too :p

    It's up to you I'm not the dev here xD
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    Bump. Can anyone make this for me please? :p
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    Not with the MySQL part, that advanced and most developers don't bother messing with it.
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    Hello, I could give this a spin later. Should be relatively easy. I'' just have to familiarize myself with PEX. But the thing with /stafftools factions is you would have to connect that via bungeecord unless you are doing a multiverse. If you just keep it simple and just making something like /stafftools admin/mod you can just look at those specific groups. Or what I could do is setup the permissions like 'StaffTools.Factions.Admin so that way it'll know what players have Admin via your MYSQL/PEX.
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    Mrs. bwfctower

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    Ya I planned on just hooking it in with Vault.

    Once you learn the gist of it. It is extremely easy and changes the capabilities that you have with plugins and code and working for servers if that is something you intend to do.

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    It's a plugin that intend to help the owners to manage their staff over all the servers they have with only 1 plugin. This is why I need it to be able to get the staff members from each server I have (This is not Bungeecord though), So the only way I thought its possible to make is with MySQL. If you can make it with any other way you know, You're welcome to do it :D
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    So every server will be equipped with this plugin and then linked to a MYSQL. Got it.
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    Update. Got the Time Tracking end of it finished. Working on getting all your commands and functionality.
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    I dont have access to a test server that people can join. So if you would like to give it a go then add it to a small server and see if everything is there. Some of the way things are done are the only way that I can do them. Before you run the plugin make sure to set your server name and mysql.

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    That link is gonna get removed, replace it with a non MediaFire link.

    Dropbox is a great alternative

    Also, why is it a RAR?
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    It is rar because the config needs to be set before you boot the server or you will get an error. This is because it creates a table in your database based off of the name you give that server.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @malikdbuseck Had that problem once as well, made it very clear for my plugin to recognize the values and not load if they were the default ones, didn't need rars
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    Wow the plugin works like a charm!
    Is there a possiblity you can add something like /stafftools total <name> to see another player's time? and also something like /stafftools list, to view all the staff members of the server im in?

    Also, How the permissions and such are working with the plugin? It detects who is a staff member according to the permission his group has (for example stafftools.stafflist.mod will make a player be recognized as mod?)

    I tried /stafftools view 1 time, and it worked, second time and so on it didn't work anymore. In the second time i also got an error in console (

    EDIT: Got this error too now when I did /stafftools total:
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    Yeah I can add that, also Ill get the list of permissions for you after. Currently I am in class. But there is a permission for each group. Also that error is a communication link error. So please make sure that your MYSQL information is correct.

    description: Give Access to StaffTools & Logs Play time
    default: false
    description: To View all Admins
    default: false
    description: To View all Mods
    default: false
    description: To View all Player Admin
    default: false
    description: To View all Head Admin
    default: false
    description: To View all Global Admin
    default: false
    description: To View all Co-Owners
    default: false
    description: To View all Owners

    I will be adding a way for you to do /stafftools <group> and it will get everyone with perm stafftools.stafflist.<group>
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    Thanks. It will be much easier for me to look at the staff members and their time ingame instead of going to the FTP and open the file :)

    If you can do this so I can also view the info of another servers ingame it will be awesome :)

    Also, for some reason when there is more than 1 player with one of the staff permissions (stafftools.stafflist.something) it logs only 1 player in the file.
    I have stafftools.stafflist.mod and then I added stafftools.stafflist.playeradmin to someone else, and it logged only him. (I tried /stafftools view to save the timesheet, but it still only logged his time).

    Oh, and can you add a field of something like "StaffRank: <staffrank>" in the file and in the ingame list view so I can know what staff rank the member has (According to the permission they have [stafftools.stafflist.<group>])
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    I will work on all of this after. Not having other players to test this make it slighty harder. I will try and get some of my buddies accounts to test this all out. I will try and have this done by the end of the day.

    Also with the in-game you con only scroll through chat so far. So some of it gets lots.
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    I don't really mind if I can't see all staff because of the chat scroll limit, I'll see all I can and if I need to check someone that I can't see I'll open the file. Viewing the list of them ingame will be much easier. :)
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    Ill make it so ingame you can do /staftools view <player> so that way you can see that single player. Along with fixing view so you can see all staff

    Works only with MYSQl. Be Sure to make as filled.

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