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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SolarStrafe, Oct 24, 2015.

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    I really need a staffmode plugin for my staff, im bad at coding. What it needs:

    When the guy with the permission to use it logs in, he is automaticly in creativemode and vanish but cant break blocks.

    In his hotbar is a blazerod that teleports him to a random player and a book which if you right click on a player it shows their inventory. Finally, a magma cream to ban the player

    A permission like staffmode.staff would be used to get in staffmode

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    @WPM looks cool but not what I need. I need the gui and the stuff I put in the OP, are you any good at coding?
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    Seems cool but, why teleport to random player, rather you open a gui that shows you all the players with their heads and left click to teleport, right click to invsee and shift click to ban?
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    For the book, would you want the staff to be able to edit what is in the inventory? Or just view what they have?
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    Just see, admins can edit? maybe staffmode.editinv
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    It seems like a better adminmode. I'll be watching this.
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    This just seems like using /gamemode 3

    In fact it's basically identical to using /gamemode 3
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  11. I could do it for you!
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    Do you think you can add inventory save when staff switches mode? Also, block all interact actions except fly and chat.
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    @madtomic My plugin already has this... The only thing is it doesn't have automatic admin mode enabled, however I could easily add this.
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    I will test it out now. I just simply need a plugin that let someone switches in and out of staff mode. They can't do any interactions except tp/fly/chat to assist the player. I only need a simple command to do this. /staffmode or /adminmode and uses permissions. I don't use OP for staffs. I just need them to be able to assist players when they are needed.
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    Can you make this please?
  16. Your request is easy but I don't have time to make it for you! I am busy with other stuff
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  18. @MrGriefer_HGTech
  19. First @TookieP are already made the plugin.
    Second I got busy with school stuff, so I wasn't able to do this plugin.
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