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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Ground-kun, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Plugin category:
    The plugin category should be Administration tools.

    Minecraft version:
    The Minecraft version should be 1.8 and higher. If this is not possible, then only for version 1.8.

    Suggested name:
    Staff Voter

    What I want: I'd like to have a plugin that allows players to vote for a staff member within the server.
    An example of this is:
    GroundSama- 5 Vote(s)
    Chickenqube- 1 Vote(s)
    ExamplePlayer- 0 vote(s)
    Please also add a configuration file that allows to change the delay for how long until a player can vote again and the ability to remove or add people. Lastly, when a player is voted for, the output message should be (If it is possible to set a custom message, please do so): "%Player% has been voted [votes] so far." to only the player.

    Ideas for commands:
    -/sv add [playername] (Adds a player to the staff vote list)
    -/sv remove [playername] (Removes a player from the staff vote list)
    -/sv vote [playername] (Votes for a listed staff member)
    -/sv list (Lists all staff members votes [Top 10 if possible))
    -/sv help (Lists all commands)
    -/sv reset (Resets all votes)

    Ideas for permissions:
    -Staffvoter.add (/sv add [playername])
    -staffvoter.remove (/sv remove [playername]) (/sv vote [playername])
    -staffvoter.list (/sv list) (/sv help)
    -staffvoter.reset (/sv reset)

    When I'd like it by:
    I would like this plugin within 3 weeks if possible. But if this isn't possible, do not worry.

    I appreciate if someone does build this plugin. My reason for requesting this plugin is because I would like to track of the most to least favored staff within my server. I hope this plugin isn't to complex to create.
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    Started. to do some Code for the Plugin.

    Should the Staff can vote too?
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    Interesting, @iTzTobi can you send me the source if you done? Or like 70% i like to learn from this to do this self :)
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    Staff should be allowed to vote but not for themselves.
    Also, thank you so much iTzTobi!!
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    is that plugin only for 1.8? or its for 1.9,1.10 too? because i need that too for 1.10
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    Man you are awesome! I really appreciate you doing this!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Should work on 1.10 as this only requires non-changed API calls.
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    @Ground-kun I hope it works the way you have imagined. If you found any Issues Post it please in the issue area.

    @swaggod it should work 1.10 too like @timtower sayed already
    I testet the Plugin only in 1.9.4.
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