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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SinceImDallas, Dec 13, 2014.

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    Hello i am looking for a plugin that when the user types /staff it will put that person in Staff mode. What staff mode will do is put whoever types it in vanish (i am aware there is a way to put players in vanish using an invisible pot but if the plugin can be done in a way where when in vanish you can still see your character that would be nice). Also what typing /staff will also do is put your character in both fly and god so he/she can fly around and not take damage. Also i want it so when in staff mode they cant be injured by other players and they cant injure other players themselves. Also when in staff mode when you open a chest/any storage device you will be able to look inside it but you will not be able to take/place any items from/into the storage device. Also any all players in staff mode are able to see each other. And Lastly when in staff mode all mobs will ignore you and you will not be able to drop/pickup any items in staff mode.


    If this plugin is coded would whoever codes it also send a download to the source code.
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    A few plugin would suit your needs:
    • A plugin that allows command aliases (ask @timtower or @mrCookieSlime for hat :p)
    • One that allows vanishing: Google - Make /staff execute the vanish command
    • One that allows fly mode - Make /staff execute the fly command
    • and so on...
    Or I found this plugin - But you would still need the alias plugin ;)

    And please - Text formatting - Most of us don't like walls of text :)
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    Sorry first bukkit post. Your post does help but does not cover some key components of the plugin
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    @SinceImDallas Then tell us what the key components are :p
    (Yes, that involves formatting ;))
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    I think it pretty much sounds like what you want.
    Simply use the Plugin @MisterErwin suggested:

    And then use an Alias Plugin like CommandOverride (Link in my Signature) or DynamicAliases (Link in timtower's Signature) and make it execute a few commands.

    For example in CommandOverride:

    - command:/tvanish
    - command:/fly
    - command:/vanflag -drop
    - command:/vanflag -pickup
    - command:/vanflag -damage
    - command:/vanflag -attack
    - command:/vanflag -target
    - command:/vanflag -interact
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    Chest Editor: Cant put or take items to or from any storage device while in staff mode (When a chest is opened in staff mode it will tell you that you have opened a fake version of the storage device)

    Item Pickup/drop: You will not be able to drop/pickup any items in staff mode

    Injure Other players: in staff mode no players can injure them and they cant injure other players

    God/fly: when in staff mode you will be put in god/fly mode

    Again i apolagize for the massive wall of text :p
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    :p - <€> But make it </€> just as that cookie above your last post said ;)
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