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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Skrubzy, Oct 27, 2016.

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    I just realized that I was on a 1.8 version server lol I'm trying 1.9 now, hopefully the issues are fixed. A toggle-able option would be fine.
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    I Al Istannen

    Good luck and report back ;)

    Though I am not sure what could cause it to fail for 1.8, but still try it :p
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    What is PerceiveCore needed for? (Or was I not suppose to download that?)

    Could you make it so a message isn't sent to them when they try to move, mine, etc (To stop spam) But instead make it so that the message sends every 10 seconds (Starting from when they login to the server)

    When the player hasn't registered yet, they get the alert to do "/staffSecure login" when it should be "/staffSecure register"

    When they register for the first time, can you make it so that they automatically login? So that they don't have to type "/staffsecure login" right after "/staffsecure register")

    EDIT: The "/staffsecure getpin" command still doesn't work...Did you forget to add it to the plugin.yml file or something?
    EDIT 2: You didn't answer before; What's the salt thing for?
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    I Al Istannen

    PerceiveCore is a library I contributed a lot to.
    In this case:
    • The CommandSystem, which allows me to define commands in a way which is way easier for me. And auto-generates the help command and a few other things you never see as a user ;)
    • The language system, which allows me to create a powerful language file with ease

    You specifically requested that message to be send when they mine, use, move or something. But i can change that.

    They get the alert to type "/staffsecure login" as I was to lazy to add a special handling to that. The login command tells you what to do. I can change that too, most likely.

    I am not quite sure why I didn't log them in automatically. I believe there was a reason.
    Yea, the login command has some logic that I do not want to duplicate.
    I doubt it is THAT much of a problem to execute the login command too. You only need to do it once and it is only for staff, so it won't deter new players. I will NOT change that one.
    It is way more work for me to change it than for all your staff members to literally change "register" in their last message with "login". This is just not worth it.
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    Ok, I hope my staff members aren't too lazy to retype 1 word once lol (And what's the salt for?)

    EDIT: Just tested it, and change password doesn't work either.
    Also, " &cYou are already logged in..." doesn't seem to work

    How long do you think it'll take you to make those changes? I don't have a release date for my server yet so you can take your time, but I'd like it done soon if you could do that :)
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    I Al Istannen

    The salt is to prevent rainbow/hash table attacks, as an attacker can't use a precomputed hash.
    The default values are probably quite okay for that.

    The whole lowe section of the config (salt, key and stuff) are used to ensure the passwords are encrypted (hashed) in a way that nobody can crack them in a reasonable amount of time.

    Decreasing the values there too much will heavily decrease the usefulness of the hashing algorithm. The iterationCount is where most of the processing power is used and what ensures the hash takes some time to brute force.
    You can read up on the algorithm I used if you want. It is "PBKDF2" and the salt is hashed with "SHA512".

    Changes done. Same link as before, I will upload a new release shortly.
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