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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Yochran, Jun 23, 2020.

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    Hey so this is an idea that I've been thinking about for a long time, it requires a pretty advanced developer to make though, so if you're up for it here's everything it needs to include! (I have a Skript for this plugin that is no where near fully functional, all it does is display the messages & GUIs for everything in what I envision it to look like.) I will include images to help you.

    1. Punishment commands. This includes commands such as /ban, /mute, /tempmute, /tempban, /blacklist, /warn, /unban, /alts, /checkip. As well as being able to punish, there should be a GUI that shows you someone's punishment history. (The command for this is /phistory <name>) For the ban messages, it shouldn't show the entire player's displayname, just the color of their rank.


    2. A modmode. Commands include just /modmode or an alias of /mod, should bring up items like these:


    The compass is Teleportation, The carpet is something to freeze a player for a screenshre, the dye is for toggling vanish, and the paper is to see all online staff. Included in the mod mode, add seperate commands to do /vanish, and /onlinestaff. For the vanish command, make it so that when a staff member enters vanish, their nametag switches to have this prefix: [V] <Name> In grey.

    3. A freeze command. Alias: /ss. This is to freeze players who you suspect of cheating, so that you can screenshare them. Don't make it open a GUI, just make it say a timed message in chat, saying the discord address, you have 5 minutes, etc.


    4. A /report command. Alias: /r. I don't have this in the skript so just imagine that theres a GUI with certain presets such as combat hacks, movement hacks, chat offenses, etc.

    5. A staff chat. Make it so that people with a certain permission, if they type # before any message, makes them type in the staff chat channel. Again, don't show the users full prefix in the format, just their rank's color. Make the chat format look a bit something like this, showing the

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    Can the data be stored in a MySQL database? I guess what I'm asking is, do you have a MySQL database that can hold 10-12 columns and a row for every player that has ever joined your server?
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    yes sir
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    I'll do my best, one thing I will advise against, /r as an alias for /report will interfere with Essentials' /reply, are you sure you want /r to be an alias for /report?
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    yeah no i meant to make it /rpt not /r my bad
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