Stackable water and lava buckets for factions servers SIMPLE

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FrankOP, Jul 12, 2016.

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    A plugin that stacks water and lava buckets to 16 to make it easier for people to build bases ect. I've tried other plugins but they don't work on my spigot 1.8 server. Just a aimple plugin, no commands permissions. Just edits the stack limit. Thanks!
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    In your title, please do not put "Simple". as you never know how complex it could be.

    And can you tell us why other plugins do not work?
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    I meant simple as the actual plugin being simple not as the coding, but I will take that into account. Ive tried Stackable Items and it did not work. Do you know any others?
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    As far as I remember, editing the stack limit is impossible without using NMS (and even then I'm not sure if it's possible without a client mod).
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    @Marti201 Yes, You'd have to use NMS

    @FrankOP I'd do this, you'd need to send me your exact version of your server so I can import the proper NMS.
    I.E. 1.8 R0.1 (you can find using /version)
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    Thank you so much. I'll get that to you shortly. (Within like 30 mins)

    craftbukkit version git-spigot-db6de12-07c3001 (MC: 1.8.8) (implimenting API version 1.8.8-r0.1-SNAPSHOT
    thanks for your help :D

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    @ipodtouch0218 is that the correct version that you wanted?
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    i thought there was something in the spigot yml to allow or disable that but idk

    Edit: sorry I found it in the paper.yml that is if you use spigot, havent tested it though to see what it does
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    @kampai if you use that it will be stackable yes but if you use it it will use all the buckets and if you do it with items all of the items get damaged so it doesnt really work
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    Yeah I've tested that before it uses all of them
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    Okaay... I was able to stack them together, but it does require client-side mods to stack them yourself..
    @FrankOP what's now? Maybe a /stackbuckets command?

    That is true.. so I'm manually programming the function of placing the buckets.
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    Yeah a stack command would be fine or just have them stack automaticity whatever is easier for you. Thank you so muh for your help :) your a great guy ! @ipodtouch0218
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    They stack automatically when using a /give command or when players pick them up already.
    I'll also add the /stackbuckets command.

    EDIT: I have my first version all ready and done, but I'm not sure if it'll work with your Bukkit version. All I have to do is add a /stackbuckets command and then it's all done.


    EDIT 2: Here it is:
    It may or may not work with your Bukkit version. If not, you will need to download the latest 1.8.8 version of Bukkit through BuildTools via Spigot.

    Tell me if you find any bugs, and I'll fix them as soon as I can!
    (or any optimizations for anyone who decompiles the plugin. [I sorta bodged the command part but it works])

    Also, the permission for the command "/stackbuckets" is "bucketstacker.cmd"

    EDIT 3 (these bumping rules man):
    Fixed two bugs:
    1. /stackbuckets creating a special "0" amount bucket if none of the type of bucket were in the player's inventory.
    2. Buckets of the same type can be used on source blocks of the same type

    Players in creative won't have stacked buckets removed when using them.

    One other thing, If you try to place a stack inside a source block of another kind, it will create a phantom item that is completely client side, meaning I can't fix it. Right-clicking again will fix the problem.
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    @ipodtouch0218 thank you so much for your amazing help!
    I'm a little confused about the build tools part. How would I install it? Is there a video you recommend ? Thanks!
  14. @FrankOP @ipodtouch0218
    Jar name: BucketStacker.jar

    File checked with JarChecker v0.6 by bwfcwalshy

    Found: Nothing

    Plugin is not malicious!
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    There's a tutorial right here:
    I figured out how to do it from there, It really depends on what type of computer you have.

    Just follow it carefully and it should work. I think distributing jar's of bukkit is basically illegal due to the DMCA.
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    @ipodtouch0218 Thank You For Your Amazing Help ! I have Installed The Plugin And It Works Just Fine! except one part: when the water / lava buckets are used they drop on the ground instead of being put back into the inventory! Thanks! -Frank
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    They drop on the ground because if their inventory was full, the item would be lost. Players pick them up instantly anyways.
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    Thanks for checking the plugins, I have downloaded a few plugins that broke my server.
    Will it work with 1.10?
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    @ipodtouch0218 Even if the inventory is not full they still drop. Even though they can be picked up, when gunning in a wall the buckets sometimes fall into lava. If there is a way to put them in an inventory it would be great! Thank! Frank
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