Stack Size Control, Item Durability Control, Stop Health Regen in one plugin

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ledhead900, Oct 16, 2011.

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    I need to limit stack sizes of certain items to make my server a bit harder, as well as I wish to balance the durability a bit more so that Iron tools cannot be compared to diamond durability, I also wish to stop the health regen when food bar full​
    Simple drag and drop jar limited setup as I do not require any special commands. Mostly I would like it all in one plugin and I have not been able to find any that do all in one yet!
    What I need in the config.yml
    • Configurable item id's and max size per stack
    • Configurable durability per tool
    • Health Regen true/false
    Thank you for looking at this request.
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    bump, I'm pretty this is possible I have seen plugin doing this but not all in one, the ones I found are servilely outdated.
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    So, how do people heal if not with hunger regen?
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    Hmm, actually forget about the hunger stuff, I was going to use potions in 1.9, The healing potions. If you wanted to you could slow down the heal rate but that will probably be more trouble then it be worth.

    The rest of request is needed.

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