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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 5tinger, Nov 20, 2011.

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    I have a CentOS 6 dedicated server. I SSH using Putty from a windows computer. I can start the server and connect to it just fine, but when I close the Putty window, the server stops. Is this normal behavior?

    What if I wanted to start the server from the Linux Terminal and later (from another location) SSH, from Windows, to the server to manage the server? Or what if I wanted to SSH to the server from my windows computer, start the server, and turn off my windows computer.
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    That is not normal behavior if you have it set up correctly (which you don't from the sounds of it) :) Mine I can just shell into any time I please. I never had this problem but I did read about it somewhere, to google!
  3. Yes this is normal behavior. I don't know if it is available on CentOS, but I use a program called "screen" which allows me to run Minecraft and exit the terminal session while Minecraft runs on its own virtual terminal.

    @nala3 Just so you know, it is typical behavior to kill child processes when exiting a terminal session on Unix and Unix derivatives. Unix processes almost always exit when the parent process exits. If they don't, they become orphaned processes which can be difficult to track down and no longer have accurate streams.
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    Really? I honestly never had any problems... weird haha and yes screen is available with CentOS

    EDIT: ohh herp derp I get what he is saying now! I thought he meant the physical machine shut down XD I was like "wtf?" but yeah your right you do need screen to keep it running. Although I just got tired of bothering with it and got MultiCraft, wayyyy easier
  5. What OS do you SSH in to? And do you perhaps have a shell that runs while you are disconnected rather than starting a new shell every time you log in?
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    I'll look into screen. Does it allow me to stop the terminal session and pick it up from another computer at a later time?
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    yes, think of it as a window on your desktop except its a console :p so you can press ctrl+d and detach from that screen and go back to your normal command line while the process keeps running in the background and all you need to do is type screen -r minecraft (or whatever you have it named), at least I think that is the command you will have to double check me on that one though
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    Yes, you just type screen -r MINECRAFT. It will put up minecrafts console screen where you can type commands as well. You can stop this, and yes pick it up from another computer later on.
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    CentOS 6, its ok though I just misunderstood his question :)
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    OK guys, I have been messing around with Screen and have a very basic grasp on it. Enough to get me going. But I'm using Putty to access Screen and I'm not able to use key commands, I can only type the commands. Is this normal for Putty or do I have to configure it to work with Screen key commands? Is there an alternative SSH client that does work with Screen key commands? Thanks!
  11. PuTTY works fine. I use it all the time with the default settings and it sends keystrokes just fine. If you are at the main command line prompt and press control+V, does it show ^V in the line? If it does, then your keystrokes are being sent just fine.
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    Im using multicraft as well and it works fine, but if i close my putty it gives me this error in a server consol:
    Couldn't get log: Can't connect to Minecraft bridge! (111: Connection refused)

    Do u guys have any idea how to fix this?
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    Right. Once you close PuTTy, you close your connection which means everything you worked on will be lost. You'll have to start again, from scratch. I run my server on Ubuntu 13.04 with vncserver. So I GUI as well. I find it easier to set-up and less hassle later on.
    So if you run your server via Putty, I believe that, as soon as you exit putty, your session will get cleared resulting in losing all your data.
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