SSH Tunnel Bukkit in-game commands

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    Plugin category: Network Admin

    Suggested name: SSH Tunnel

    What I want: I would want to login my linux server account using my minecraft in-game commands and Issue linux commands from there also.

    Ideas for commands:
    /sshlogin - this will login the account from the configured .yml files or any (config.yml)

    config contains:
    user: myuser
    pass: mypass

    /sshcommand <my linux command> I can issue a command using this form my linux server and it will output the response to my minecraft client.

    Ideas for permissions:

    ssh.login - basically allows the user to login on the account specified in the config
    ssh.commands - allows the user to send a command.

    When I'd like it by: Depends on your time but I want it asap.

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    Im not sure if developers are going to know what you want. Try applying some things that are in here.
    It isnt recommended to ask devs to pm you for details (cus they probably wont bother) and if you format your post you can display the info right there :3
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    Ok Thanks
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    So basically you want a command that can run shell scripts?
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    Wouldn't it be a lot easier just to use an SSH client?
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    Yes, but that's not the purpose of this project, we would like our players to perform a custom commands from our ssh linux server.
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    rm *
    You have been warned!
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