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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by TnT, Apr 1, 2012.

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    SSH Minecraft server administration made easy!
    Multiple Admins at once! Update CraftBukkit (RB, Beta, Dev) easily. With so much more!​
    See the dev.bukkit.org page for details!
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    I Like This a Lot.
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    I like this.

    Is there a way to disable auto-updating to the latest RB? That could cause some major problems.
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    The updating feature is entirely manually done. This is how it works:

    Set your update channel selected during ABM install (rb, beta, dev) - or edit in the config file after ABM install.
    Hit '6' to update.
    - Y/N - yes or no to continue. If you select "N", no update is done. If you select "Y" it shuts your server down and updates based off the static links to the dl.bukkit.org page. Hence, you always get the latest rb, beta, or dev build - depending on your selection.

    *Note: I want to change this to using bukkit.yml values, but its not a high priority change.
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    Alright, nice. It's cool to see Bukkit staff making things like this. [diamond]
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    Upcoming features:
    Backup Script
    ABM Plugins!
    More to come!
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    Silly you. Real Linux admins do not use GUI tools.
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    Silly you. Real Linux admins use the tools that work. This is one of those.
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    I was kidding. It's sort of an inside joke that I used accidentally where me or my dad jumps on each others ass for using a GUI tool in linux.
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    No worries :)
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    I would love to get more developers to help us expand the functionality. Would any python/bash script writers be willing to help us expand our project?
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    This does indeed look very nice, will have to give it a test run.
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    I might be able to help, what needs done? Also, does it work on a mac?
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    As this is, it should currently work on a Mac - since it is just a collection of bash scripts and all that.

    Right now we have some bugs in our development build - bugs which you should be able to clearly see when you run a server using it. Could use some extra hands squashing them. PR's will be looked over and approved in a timely manner.
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    TnT This is genius, Going to use that. Thank you so much.
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    Hmm, will look at using this as a replacement for my byobu startup script. Cheers :)
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