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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Fewmets, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Hello. I have noticed that alot of plugins use SQLite. Before checking out Bukkit I have never heard of this and have only used SQL. I have read the explanation page and I find some of the info conflicting. Is SQLite compatible with a standard SQL server (MySQL)? If not where do I get the database software and can anyone link me a config tutorial? Also some information of a config app would be appreciated. Sorry to be a pain but I'd really appreciate it.

    If it can't be run through SQL but there is a way to convert it I wouldn't mind doing that either. Whatever's easiest.
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    SQLite uses the same SQL language, although I believe there are some differences in the more advanced features. SQLite is a flat file, there is no server program to run. As a programmer you only need to use an SQLite library and tell it what file to create, open, and use. As an end user you don't need to do anything.
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    Okay. Thanks for the info. If that's the case, what is the SQLite dependence library that comes with some of the plugins? I need that as an enduser right? If you have a quick second would you mind explaining to me what that .jar is exactly? I understand the SQL one since that requires linking to a databse. Is it just a decoder of sorts then?
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    Every server can use SQLite (which is why plugins prefer to use that over MySQL). Like croxis said, it creates a flatfile. There's a number of programs that can you can use to go through the database. Firefox has an addon that you can use. If you have a Mac, I'd recommend using 'Base'.

    Edit: The library is needed by the plugin, because the dev used that library to get the connection with java and the SQLite db.
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    okay. thank you very much. So I just dl the .jar library, and the plugin. I look forward to using Craftbukkit, and it seems that modifying setting for a plugin using SQLite will be far faster than connecting to my server using phpmyadmin to change the SQL config.
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