[SPOUT] RealExchange - Bringing physical currency to Minecraft SMP

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by aPunch, Nov 24, 2011.

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    What is RealExchange?

    RealExchange introduces an economy system strictly for Spout (i.e. no virtual currency and no hooking into virtual currency plugins). There is one physical money item that server admins will be able to customize to make it unique (name, texture, recipe, etc.). There is an API for developers to use in order to hook into the physical currency item and all of its goodness.

    Why are you reinventing the wheel?

    RealExchange is reinventing the wheel in the sense that there are plenty of economy plugins already in use for Bukkit servers. However, RealExchange will be a must-have plugin for Spout-only servers that wish to take full advantage of Spout's features. If you are a server that forces users to use the Spoutcraft client in order to use Spout's custom features, why not pick up a plugin that utilizes Spoutcraft's custom item API to introduce a physical currency to the game?

    When will this be released?

    RealExchange requires certain inventory hooks that Spout has yet to add. Afforess has mentioned that these features will be added soon, so do not worry! Everything else is complete or nearly finished. You can follow development and/or contribute to the project at our GitHub repository here.

    * Current ETA - TBD

    What plugins can I use that give me currency?
    Currently, there are no released plugins that use RealExchange's API as RealExchange hasn't been released yet. However, here is a list of plugins that will use it in the future:
    • SafeStore - adds safe blocks to the game for players to store their money
    • GuildCraft - uses Spout to add RPG-like features to improve the SMP experience
    If you are planning on using the RealExchange API in your plugin, feel free to PM me or post a comment below. I will add it to the list as soon as possible.

    Will the transition from my current virtual economy plugin to this one be easy?
    I hope to make the transition as easy as possible. There will be a way to convert all virtual currency into physical item currency. Also, I will release a few plugins that utilize the RealExchange API so you aren't stuck waiting for plugins to use. Eventually, I hope plugin developers will add RealExchange support in their plugins. But that won't happen unless you, the user, shows great interest in using this plugin.

    Feel free to leave a comment describing how much you like or dislike this plugin. I'll take everything into account and hopefully improve the plugin before releasing the first version.
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    Very exciting
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    I'm HERE ! :D *showing interest*
    I requested that a day, so OF COURSE I love.
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    This plugin has peaked my intrest but, wondering how feasible it is to move over to a spout only server. Especially since updates seem to cause down time, at least twice that of a standard bukkit server (by down time i mean time spent not running the latest version).

    I assume this would play nice with citizens when it comes out just fine?
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    Spoutcraft is not absolutely required, money will just show up as flint instead. So while the update process could be querulous, you would not have to make your server a Spout only server (I recommend it though)
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    The two won't interact at all unless Citizens adds support for it, so they should get along fine.

    To all:

    If you want to follow along with development and/or contribute to the project, visit the GitHub repo here.
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