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    Hey! I am running a spout rpg server, and I would LOVE it if someone here could help me add new mobs!

    Mob 1. I have been thinking.. and I REALLY want a new mob called bandit. This would pretty much be a human(nordic) bandit. He runns around killing people(like most mobs), but only spawns by bandit spawners.. using spawner gui. I could add these spawners all over bandit camps, and there will be massive raids/quests, forcing you to go in and slauter the bandits.. I haven't quite decided if these bandits should have a bow/arrow or sword, but I think we could discuss that. I want them to drop Bandit's blood(drops one bandit blood 100% of kills).

    Mob 2. I was hopping there could be another mob, that actually acts more like an npc.. in the way that it stands still and you have to spawn them individually. This will be either a Nordic guard, or a Protecters guard(protecters are the main guild on my server, kinda like the empire from skyrim). And he wil just stand still all the time, but if he sees someone hurt any mob/person, he will go attack the attacker. He kinda acts like a zombie pigman. These mobs are VERY strong, probably as strong as a person with full iron armer and an iron sword... making you not really wanna mess with them.

    Mob 3. Citizens! I want a bunch of the pretty much same mob, just different name and different look. I want these guys to be peaceful and spawn only with mob spawners. They will act like most peaceful animals. There will be 4 types of citizens: Dwarvan citizen, Orcish citizen, Nordic citizen, and Elven citizen. They will all be pretty much be the same shape... just make the dwarf shorter :p. I want them to drop a random piece of food or leather armor.

    Mob 4. If you have played skyrim, you have come across those freaking invincible trolls... well, I kinda hate the name trolls(I hope you can help me come up with a better name!), but i REALLY want some epic beast to roam my snow-capped mountains! I want these guys to kill you in 2 hits, but be pretty weak(compared to their attack), I think they should be about as strong as a normal person with like no armor(making it possible to snipe them!). I want them to spawn only above a certain elevation, and on snow(not just in a snow biome, cause some of the areas of my map aren't technically snow biomes, they just look like them!). Probably spawn like 30 blocks below build limit and higher..

    I REALLY hope you decide to take interest in this plugin! I would so appreciate any help I could get.. even if you only want to help with one or 2 mobs! I will make sure to credit you on my server for making these mobs a part of my server! I also had a question, is it possible to add armer using spout??? Thankyou, and have a nice day!
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    If you don't mind, I have 2 more mob requests!

    Mob 5. Hunter, this will probably either nordic, or elvish, but I'm thinking that elves are great with bows and arrows, plus they need more of a point to my server... so imma go with an elvish hunter! I want these guys to be fast(they don't have to be if thats too hard), they will shoot any mob, but not players. They will spawn around trees/wood/leaves/in a forest(not a forest biome cause my forests aren't technically forests :p). they will cary a bow and arrow, and be as strong as a player with leather armor. They will drop arrows.

    Mob 6. Orcish barbarian, I want these guys to just walk around randomly in the nether, and rarely in the real world, but if they see a player, they will charge at you, with their big mace. They will be as weak as a normal player with no armor, but can kill you in 3 hits, if they run into you when charging at you, that counts as a hit... i want them to be quite FAST when charging, but normally just walk around with their mace swung over their shoulder. I want them to drop... I'm not quite sure, could you help me think bout that? ooo! maybe a new type of meat? like orcish meat... or orcish blood!
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    Sounds good, bumping so this is seen.
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    ok thanks!

    but also... i don't really need #5 and #6, if you are interested in helping i DO have some requests for blocks and armor/weapons... but I'm most excited about this

    BUMP BUMP... bump bump BUMP, BUmp bump bump bump, bump!

    bump bump bumpety bump!

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