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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by randomman159, Nov 5, 2011.

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    If i have a bunch of skins located at : plugins/pluginName/skins/

    How could i, using,


    (or equivalent)
    set the skin to one of those files? Is it possible?
    Any help would be great :)
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    Skins can only be web-accessible URLs right now.
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    damn ok, thanks for that. Do you know if it might be in an upcoming update?
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    i remember browsing the javadocs a while ago and seeing two methods for skins and capes, one had url and the other had file (as in local). did that not work out and get removed? or am i trippin out and making shit up in my head?
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    probably the latter since it is a spout dev who said it doesn't exist
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    Currently it's only via remote URL as that is how skins work in the Minecraft client. @Afforess said that local can be done... but he'd have to rewrite a lot for that.
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    In the meantime, you could set up a wamp server or just upload the files to an image sharing website.
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