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    Hey, everyone, when my server was on 1.7.3, we had a Spout plugin called Backpack, where when you pushed B it opened up basically a personal doublechest. I was wondering, if that same idea could be applied to making a shop?
    Say you push "B", it now opens a doublechest interface, with all the items laid out in the boxes. You can scroll through the different pages (either scroll wheel or clickable arrows), and the tooltips for the items have the name/buyprice/sellprice. You buy and sell simply by moving things in/out of your inventory, and it deducts/adds funds when you close the shop (Needs to check that you can afford it. If it wouldn't be possible, obviously right clicking the items works).

    It needs to have a configurable markup (Meaning, selling something is 10% less than buying it, to prevent inflation). Also important is a stock level -- with a configurable stock and then having players add/subtract as needed, with a default that could be set to with a command.
    Could anyone do this? It doesn't seem too difficult, but I'm, well, not a programmer so much as a designer.
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    there is a plugin called local shops that has shop commands and such when you enter a specific area, if there was a spout GUI as you described above for it then i think that would be fantastic and cover your needs it would be something i would love to use too.

    local shops uses just the regular text/chat area for commands at the moment, and everything has to be typed, but it stores all the stock in an infinite space so you can make a shop in a 4x4x6 box and sell every item the game has.

    however i am not a programmer :( best i can do is use the yml configs lol
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    I tried using BetterShop, but it didn't work for me (Kept complaining about dependencies, but I didn't see anything in the BetterShop topic about them). I guess I forgot about it aftersuch, I'll try it out when 1.8.1 has a RB.
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    the only dependencies would be some economy plugin
    currently supports iConomy 4,5,6, BOSEconomy 4,5, MultiCurrency, & EssentialsEco

    (and you'll also need spout & spoutcraft for the gui menu :) )

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