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    Hi i was wanting a plugin for 1.8 that will not make sponge wet sponge and has infinite uses and sucks up lava as well.

    Commands: none

    Perms: none

    Time: ASAP
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    I don't think this is possible, as it's a client-side 1.8 function. It might be though, if you replace the wet sponge with a normal one, but it's nothing I can do right now, sorry.
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    This is very possible. Sponges are not handled client-side.
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    Just to clarify:
    You want sponge to not be replaced with wet sponge once it sucks up water?

    Is anybody else working on this? If not I'll start

    Would it be OK if this plugin simply made it so when you mine wet sponge, you get normal sponge?
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    @pickeloe5 ya that would work
    or make wet sponge usable as well
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    If you want to work on it, Do it, If not Ill work on it.
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    @pickeloe5 can u make it so it can suck it lava
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    oh yeah i forgot sorry, i'm on it
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    @pickeloe5 and for some reason the water doesnt freeze in place when it gets sucked up it keeps flowing
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    sorry i cant get to my pc right now, i'll have to work on it later
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    Alright updated, sponge now picks up lava and water, and wet sponge breaks as regular sponge BUT I dont know if its possible to stop the flow of water without causing HUGE lag, sorry

    -sponge picks up water
    -sponge picks up lava
    -sponge is reusable
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    well other than the stopping the flow thanks

    @pickeloe5 ^^^

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