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    Splo Ball (Our name for splegg) (Uses snowballs instead of eggs)

    Join Signs:
    First Line- Shows wether or not a game is joinable. It will not be joinable if it is full or in progress.
    If not joinable it will say [NotJoinable]. If a player is able to join it will say [Join]. If full it will say [Full].
    When the game starts it should say not joinable, but while players are in the lobby waiting for the game it should either say Join or Full.

    Second Line- This will show the name of the map

    Third Line: Amount of players in game example --> 4/10

    4th line: Should say wether the players are in the [Lobby], [In-Game].
    When the server restarts the sign should read:
    Colors should be matching to the words for better direction. For example, the word "Join" should be green, while the word "Full" should be red.


    Each server holds a maximum of 20 players (Splo Ball only)


    When players click a join sign, they should be teleported to the lobby. Here they will be able to vote for which map they want to play on, while
    waiting for the game to start.

    Starting Lobby Time: 4 Minutes

    Players Required to Start: 2

    If 5 players join the lobby, time shortens to 3 minutes ( Unless the time has allready dropped to less than 3 minutes).

    If 10 players join the lobby, time shortens to 2 minutes ( Unless the time has allready dropped to less than 2 minutes).

    If 15 players join the lobby, time shortens to 1 minutes ( Unless the time has allready dropped to less than 1 minutes).

    If 20 players join the lobby, time shortens to 30 Seconds ( Unless the time has allready dropped to less than 30 seconds).

    4 maps will be randomly chosen to be voted upon.

    When the amount of time left before the game starts hits 5 seconds, the voting period will end, and the map will be chosen.

    /v (map number) to vote.

    Maps listed to vote will be numbered 1 through 4 with the name of the map next to it. Example: Map 1 [CandyLand]. The format should be as follows in chat: Vote for a map with /vote #!
    Map 1: CandyLand [Votes Received: (# of votes recieved)]
    If no maps are voted on, then out of the four maps, a map will be chosen at random. Map 2: Aloha Oi [Votes Received: (# of votes recieved)]
    Map 3: Cliffs [Votes Received: (# of votes recieved)]
    If there is a tie between 2 or more maps, then out of those ties, one will be selected at random. Map 4: Polka-Dots [Votes Received: (# of votes recieved)]
    ---------------------- (This would need to stay at the top of chat, and player chat
    can go underneath).

    When players have this permission [Sploball.vote2], upon voting their vote gets counted twice.
    If they have the permission [Sploball.join.full] they can join when full and it kicks someone who doesnt have that permission (only if the game is still in the lobby).
    In the lobby, if players have bought one or more power-ups from the chip shop, they will be able to select one and ONLY one upgrade to
    play with that game. This will be performed by opening a GUI menu in the hot bar.

    Their inventory should have a configurable book for rules, etc in the first slot, and a slimeball in the 9th slot to exit back to hub.

    In game mechanics

    When voting ends and the lobby time is up, players will be teleported to any one of the 20 spawn points. No two players should spawn
    on the same spawn point. There will be one for everyone.

    10 second count down before splegg guns activate.

    Inventory is empty while the ten second count down is activated.

    When the 10 second count down ends, players will obtain their shovel in the first slot of their hot bar, and the upgrade that they
    choose to play with that game will be placed in the second slot in the hot bar.

    When a player falls, 3 chips are awarded to each player and the person that falls, respawns back to their spawn point in spectate mode.

    Spectating > Player gets a slimeball to exit back to hub in the first slot of the hot bar. The player is invisible to others and has
    ability to fly around.
    The spectator will not be able to interfere with the players or snowballs in anyway. They will only be able to chat.

    TnT should detonate on impact of snoballs. TnT will not use any of its usual physics. It will not fall upon contact. As soon as the
    snowball hits it, it will explode. Any nearby TnT will detonate if
    close enough to a tnt that is exploding like normal.

    The last man standing is the winner, and gets 15 dollars (using essentials economy).

    Games last up to a maximum of 10 minutes.

    Every block that a snowball hits disappears (obviously :p)

    Hunger should be disabled

    Players will not be able to break blocks by hand.



    Bomby - Block Type: TnT > When placed, it will explode all blocks in a radius 5 with a 5 second detonation countdown. This will not be
    destroyable by snowballs.
    Countdown indicated by a highpitch sound made by a noteblock, one for each second. ("BING! BING! BING! BING! BING!")

    Baturret - Block Type: Bat Egg > When spawned in, the bat will fly around shooting snowballs at closest players. Has a life span of
    30 seconds, and is destroyable by 5 snowballs hits. Shoots with intervals of .5 seconds. Shows a health bar of 5 hearts.
    Each ball it is hit with will take down one heart.

    Soul Patch - Block Type: Soul Sand > When used, the snowballs shot by the user will destroy the block like normal, but will spawn in
    soulsand blocks all around the hole that is made. EX: []
    []{}[] Key: [] - soulsand
    [] {} - hole
    Lasts for 10 seconds.

    Trail Blazer - Block Type: Blaze Rod > When used, it destroys each block you step on behind you for 20 seconds.

    Shotgun - Block Type: Iron Hoe > When held, the player will be able to click to shoot. Destroys 10 blocks in a 2 block radius.
    Player has 5 shots.

    Power-Up Shop


    We would like players to be able to buy power-ups through villagers in the sign room. Basically, when a certain command is done it creates a villager.
    When that villager is right clicked, then a chest gui appears on the players screen. They will be able to buy power-ups from the chest gui. So,
    basically when they click a power-up if they have enough credits then they can get it and the chest gui will close. If they do not, then a message
    will appear in chat saying " You don't have the neccessary Gems for this item". We would need to be able to set the prices for each power-up.

    This plugin will be using a custom economy. The economy plugin isn't done yet, but will be hopefully soon.
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