Spigot release 1.8 Craftbukkit, 1.8 Bukkit and 1.8 Spigot server versions.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by TheMintyMate, Dec 20, 2014.

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    I recently took a look at Spigots page, and saw that they have released snapshot versions of CraftBukkit, Bukkit and Spigot for 1.8

    These snapshots were available from 22 days ago (from this post), but I wasn't aware; so I hope this may help others too.

    http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bukkit-craftbukkit-spigot-1-8.36598/ [posted Nov 28, 3014]

    On this web page there is a detailed description of how to obtain all three jar files (CraftBukkit, Bukkit and Spigot). Unfortunately, obtaining the jar's is a bit more in depth, requiring installation of a JDK (which most developers should have installed anyway), but also GIT for windows or Linux.

    Hope this helped somewhat,
    - Minty
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