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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ADuckLover, Jan 16, 2022.

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    Can you add a texture pack too? Thanks :)
    Server Version: 1.17.1
    When I'd Like It By: 1/18/-1/20/22-1/20/22
    What I'm Looking For:
    I'm looking for a plugin that will give me two items: A web slinger and a item that will shoot a web (cobweb) on where I look First of all, the web slingers. I want the web slingers to be able to shoot a distance around 25 blocks and will zip the player towards the web and make it not super fast so you can actually swing for a little bit, and I want it to only zip if it touches a block. Second, the web shooter I want the web shooter to whatever block I shoot at it puts a cobweb there also I want this to work on entities at the location of their head. btw I want the web slinger item to be a IRON SWORD and the shooter to be a IRON SHOVEL

    Thanks, I hope a plugin comes :).
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    freak nobody ever replies to these
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    I'm currently on vacation but when I'm back home (probably on February 6) I could make this plugin for you. So if you can wait like 9 days... let me know ;)
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    ok I can wait
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    I cant wait
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    i will try to create this plugin!

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