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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by EvilPeanut, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Does anyone have some code to generate spheres with a certain radius and block type plz?
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    You could look at WorldEdit.
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    I have, but to be honest worldedit is so unofficiant and just doesn't work well, have seen its code?
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    How dare you blaspheme against the great Sk89q :O
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    The basis for computer programming is mathematics. If you had knowledge of 3D geometry you could probably make a function that generated a sphere easily.
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    Or if you're like me, you're taking Geometry in school this year, and haven't even gotten to 3D yet :D

    ..buuuuut there's always google
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    Seriously? Ive written my own //set in about 10 lines, took him hundreds
    NOTE: I ran a speed test, mine was faster by far

    I do have knoledge to:
    1. Im young
    2. Im tierd and cba to think

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    does yours have an undo?
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    Impressive. Care to share your implementation?
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    Of course you've learned it! Probably in pre-algebra.... Vsphere = 4/3pi(r^3)
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    How about a hollow sphere? Also, I don't know anything about you other than you're completely wrong if you think your code is better than worldedit.
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    And if Codename_B says this then your obviously wrong :p
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    I haven't looked at the WorldEdit code, but I assume it's done somewhat properly. Not only does it render the sphere, but I assume it saves the changed blocks for the //undo command. Also checks if the amount of blocks changed is >100,000, I think.

    Moving away from this debate ^ I'll explain what I would do.

    Distance formula for 3D space
    distance(point1, point2) = sqrt(dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2)
    This will give you the distance from the center point to the outside of the sphere.

    Now, what I would do is go through 3 nested forloops (one for each axis), and check for each block in that cube (where each side is 2r+1, i.e. r in each direction from the center block) is <= that distance. If it is, then we can assume it is inside the sphere, and set it to whatever block. As for hollow sphere, we can probably do something like if the block is equal to that distance +/- some offset or something. Not too sure about the hollow one.
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    The WorldEdit code handles a lot more than your ten lines of code does. You just have a basic implementation, clearly. The WorldEdit code handles undo levels, max block changes, block placement ordering (torches placed last), setting blocks in a polygon region, and other things. Faster and shorter does not mean better. Also, here's the basic method used to set blocks in WorldEdit:
    Clearly not 100 lines right there.
    So because you're young, tired, and cba to think, you expect others to think and do the hard work for you?
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    Nope. Education here REALLY sucks.
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    I'm young (like, 13), self-teaching myself Java, and doing everything on my own. you should learn from me.
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    please tell me that you quoted the wrong person when you said that.
    edit - your profile "fury Member, Male, 21" hmmm
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    It does have undo and max block change and all his does.

    Trust me, mine does undo and max block change just like worldedit, BUT A HELL LOT FASTER.

    Im 14, i know quite alot in java.
    Wanna team up and make a plugin?
    Got Skype?

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    Ok, so submit it in a pull request and make worldedit better, I'd love to see that.
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    You sound like a pretty amazing coder... so why are you asking for our help with this simple problem?
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    someone's getting angry ;O
  24. Wanna show us your code that is ten times shorter and A HELL LOT FASTER than WorldEdit's ? :)
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    You can save performance by using the squared distance.
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    I'm confused, you're making a request for code that you've already written?
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    But we all know przerwap's code is the best
  28. No. He made code for setting a cuboid of blocks. What he wants is making a sphere.
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    I'm curious about how you determined this. Did you write test cases? Did you add timing debug statements to WorldEdit and compile it yourself? Or did you just use a stopwatch or something?
  30. He's 14. Nothing else to say.
    When you don't know what the "Edit" function is and when you do triple-post, you can't be serious.
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