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Discussion in 'Resources' started by NathanWolf, Jan 23, 2011.

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    I kind of think it'd be nice to put together a "community" library of sorts. We could hijack Gameplay for this.

    Once bukkit has a core persistence engine, I'm going to want to gut the Persistence plugin. There's a lot of useful functionality in there, I'm going to need to put it somewhere :)

    We could start up a group on github.

    Instead of a lib, though, we'd want to make it a stand-alone utility plugin, like Persistence. I discovered, with Gameplay (and @EvilSeph warned me against this, as well, he's very against libs) that libs are a bad idea- mainly for version conflict reasons. You don't want a zillion copies of the code spread out amongst various plugins that don't agree with one another.

    Anyway- just a thought!
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    Agreed. There are some tasks and algorithms that are common to many plugins but are implemented differently.

    Also, the many locations you need to place copies of SQLite annoys me. In the main server folder, in /plugins, in /lib, in /plugin/<pluginname>, and it gets worse with the different namings, like sqlite.jar, sqlitejdbc.jar, sqlite-jdbc.jar, sqlite-jdbcv056.jar... the list goes on. Maybe this library plugin could also provide an interface to SQL, and let the user choose what JDBC connector to use.

    This has a lot of potential.
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