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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Roast-Beef, Jun 30, 2019.

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    so you spawn in a cage like in skywars and there is a mine shaft and in the mine shaft there is 5 diamonds 70 iron and 60 gold and 40 lapis so you dont have to smelt it when ever you destroy it it auto smelts and outside of the mine shaft there is trees and if you destroy them you CAN get apples but you always get crafted wood and if you destroy sand CAN get TNT or akword poition and if you destory sugger cain you CAN get sugger or books and if you put a akword potion in a bewing stand with an agrreandent it will insta make the potion and there is melons around the map and if you destory them you get glissring melon and the map is 112x113 and 50 seconds after the cages open you can pvp then after 3 minutes the border srinks and it keeps doing that untell the lastman is standing and lapis give you xp bottles when you destory it and there is a middle
    and it has a enchant table and there is alreddy lapis in it and also in the middle you can go to the neather map wich is 70x70 with an encahnt table with lapis alreddy in it and the border also srinks in the neather also ervry 3 minutes and it goes till the last man standing and wins make it where you can do 12 teams of 2 or 12 teams of 1 and make it where you can join by command or sign and make it a minigame so the person has to set it up himselfe like they have to make the map and set where the border starts like make it where pvp like starts later and like change a lot of stuff so make it customization also the border srinks by 10 blocks every time
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Roast-Beef Please provide full details, give as much information that somebody can get the text in your post and make it based on that.
    Don't point to servers.
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    ok i will fix it
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    @Roast-Beef Please edit your post to use the suggested format that Shqep already posted.
    Use some enters as well instead of a big wall of text, comma's and dots are also appreciated. They will make it way more readable.
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