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    Suggested name: Not Spectate. Thats already taken by a bigger mod that allows admins to spectate their players.

    What I want: Simple mod that allows normal users to fly around but not place/remove/do anything to blocks. The reasoning being so you can just look around. I could do this myself using the Simple Command Signs mod in combination with PEX but then a user could activate the sign and fly 500,000 blocks away. Problem with that is they can get lost and never get back to the sign and they could abuse it as a land exploring tool which is not the intent.

    Ideas for commands:
    /spectateArea: No need to worry about code to make it activate on a sign. Anyone can do that with SCS.
    /spectateRescue: Bring them back to the starting position AND erases spectate status. Why? So a player cannot blocktrap someone.

    Ideas for permissions: Eh...I don't see any reason for them but why not?

    When I'd like it by: No rush :D
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    Wolf3141 I'll try and tackle this one for you. With any luck it'll be a pretty easy thing to do :)

    Hey so I'm just about done here. How do you want the server to handle when a player logs out while in ExploreMode (that's what I call it :) )? Do you want it to 1) keep the player's ExploreMode state for when they next log in, or 2) send the person back to where they initiated ExploreMode (basically the plugin acts as if they had typed the rescue command just as they logged out)?

    edit: For now I'm doing option 2, as it's a little bit easier to implement. Doing the other way wouldn't be hard to do either, so just lemme know :)

    double edit: Do you want people exploring to be able to give/receive damage? I'm going to make them invulnerable but also not be able to damage other entities either.

    triple edit (lol): Do you want players to be able to interact with things other than breaking blocks/placing blocks/damaging entities/etc? For example, do you want them to be able to open doors and trigger pressure plates/buttons/levers?

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    @onman9589. Thank you, but I'm not sure you got my topic right. I had already mentioned there were other mods that did much of this but I was unable to find any combination of mods that will do it the right way.

    wristdirect. Thank you very much. Bukkit's modders are the best :D
    1. Great choice. The idea is to make a player stop playing the game 'legit' to look around for a bit. Its also another security measure to make sure someone doesn't get stuck.

    2. Not giving and recieving damage seems the most logical to me. Sometimes I walk around a city and I wonder what the big picture looks like. Or after building a part of my building I want to know how it looks from other angles without having to walk around and use dirt to slowly rise to a good angle. Thats really the big idea.

    3. I was thinking about that actually. I'm split, it makes sense for them to open gates but sometimes other members put traps and secret doors so in the end I personally thought it would be best if they could not edit/interact with anything.
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    No problem :)

    So, I was acting under the assumptions you confirmed in your post just now, so it should be all ready to go. I currently have no permissions set up, but I'm about to eat dinner and I figured I'd give you what I have so you can test it out and let me know if you want anything different :)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    commands (not case-sensitive):
    /explore - Enters Explore Mode.
    /exploreReturn - Leaves Explore Mode

    note: I can change any commands names/messages to the players you want.
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    Interesting. It seems as though if I go to far away and are in the air, I take falling damage when I return. Everything else worked great. It didn't have any restrictions in how far you can go, but combining this with Regios I can still get that effect so it works great (minus the falling damage).
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    Weird, I didn't see this response until just a few minutes ago, but it said you sent it 3 hours ago :/ Woulda been on this much sooner.

    I tried duplicating the problem, but couldn't. I'll try a couple more times, but either way I'll see if there's something I can do in the code to make extra sure this won't happen.

    Okee dokee, so here's a slightly modified version with some additional error handling (if they try to use /explore or /explorereturn when already in the mode they are trying to enter), as well as a little bit of extra code that will hopefully safeguard against taking damage when teleporting back. Let me know if it works :)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    Perhaps it was on my end. I'll test right away.
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    Seems to work good. Thanks a bunch.
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    That plugin doesn't do what Wolf was asking for. I just happens to have the same name as what he was suggesting this plugin should be called.

    Wolf3141 Oh btw Wolf, I got a new version out (with time limits), but rather than posting here over and over, I'll just post the BukkitDev link :)

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