Specs / Host for a dedicated.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mackey, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Hetzner with 1gbps or Limestone if you have the money.
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    Problem is that I wanted a U.S. based host, so for a U.S. based one, Razorservers is pretty cheap.
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    VolumeDrive? If you can find stock and don't need support, they're extremely cheap.

    But yeah, if you need a E3 than Razor is a good choice.
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    I was so close to get a server from kimsufi but just then I noticed I couldn't get one since I live in sweden...

    So if you don't live in the countries specified on this site: http://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers/availability.xml
    You can't buy a server directly from kimsufi/ovh.

    Just wanted to give everyone this info. :)
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    Dammit... no joy for me then! I just tried, but I live in Australia so yeh, that never really was going to happen :(
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    Yes to bad, but people in Senegal, Peru and Wallis and fortune can enjoy their servers but not here in sweden.. Very strange I think since the market for their servers would probably be a lot bigger in sweden and most other european countries than in Peru. :p
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    There are Kimsufi/OVH resellers who can get you them for a small markup. Search google or look on WHT for one.
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    it's only more secure if u know linux systems :)
    NEVER get a root server without knowledge about security - or your server will be the next in the Botnets from Annonymus or other Hackers.
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    I think more people might listen to you if you used proper spelling and grammar. Also, what else do you suggest they do— rent a managed server? Use *shudder* Windows?

    For most Linux systems, you need to setup a firewall and use a good password for your accounts. It's also recommended not to use the root user account, but that's not as important as the firewall and strong passwords.

    Getting your server added to a botnet is quite a feat when you use a good firewall, strong passwords, and up to date software. Most "hackers" just exploit existing and well-known security holes to gain access.

    If the security and general use is intimidating when done through the command line, then use webmin. If running Minecraft on Linux is too much for you, then use mcmyadmin or one of the various wrappers with a web GUI.

    Tl;Dr: Keep software up to date, use strong passwords, use a firewall and you're going to be safe.

    Oh the irony, I made a spelling mistake and had to fix it.
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    Sorry, tired and German... ;)
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    I live in sweden too, you can actually order from sweden even if it dosent say that on the page, but you need to order via http://www.kimsufi.com yeah, the website in france, just use google transalate, you will see a option for sweden when you make you account and order, and i works really good, im getting a new server soon, i'll provide a test ip to proof.

    EDIT: lol, bump

    EDIT #2: [​IMG]
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    Thanks! Didn't know that ;) But I have already got a dedicated server from another host so this is not aproblem for me anymore. :)
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