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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Suggested name: SpecialWallets - SWallets

    What I want: I would love to see a plugin that has different type of Wallets.

    I would like it so that paper is your default Wallet (Named "Wallet"), it would be in slot 9 of your inventory (http://wiki.vg/images/thumb/1/13/Inventory-slots.png/180px-Inventory-slots.png)

    The Wallet would not be movable out of lot 9.
    The Wallet would hold all your money in it. It would be the economy system on the server.
    When you die you drop your Wallet.
    When you pick up a Wallet you get the amount in that Wallet added to your Wallet.
    The original owner of the Wallet loses his money.

    When a player dies he gets a default Wallet. The Wallet's name would be: 'Wallet [Amount of Cash]

    When the player is ready to upgrade his Wallet, when he gets killed he keeps a small % of his money.

    You would be able to upgrade your Wallet through a sign.

    Ideas for commands: /w - /wallet (No commands are actually needed).

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed :)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible :)

    Thank you for reading my request. If you know anyone who is interested in making this I would greatly appreciate it if you sent this to them.

    If you have any questions concerning the Potential Plugin, please let me know :)

    - MrGermanrain
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    Very good idea, I hope someone would make this plugin. :) It would be great to have!
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    MrGermanrain This doesen't seem to hard to make I can make it for you and I'm guessing your using Vault to run your economy?
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    I honestly do not mind how it is done. As long as it works :)
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    I would love to have this on my server some time. I love roleplay.

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