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    Hey there!
    I would like to request a special kit plugin!
    It looks abit like the HG kits on mcpvp I know.
    If its possible and allowed I would like to be it private, private msg me for that and add me on skype!

    - kits items,names,armor,item names and lores are configurable!
    - You can add potoin effects to kits.

    - If it would be private, I would like to have it like this: (servername): You have picked the (kitname) kit!

    Now the special kits:

    - kit viper: 33% poison effect when hitting someone.

    - kit poseidon: str 1 potion effect in the water, can breath underwater.

    - kit monk: having a blaze rod, when you hit someone with it you have 25% chance to knock his weapon back into his inventorry.

    - kit endermage: when using a eye of ender (he cant fly away but stays in your inv) all people above and beneath you will tp to your place!

    - kit snail: when hitting someone you have the chance to give slowness 2 potoin effect to the enemy.

    - kit thor: getting a wood axe that can strike down lightning every 20 seconds.

    - kit fisherman: when you hook someone with the fishing rod and then pull it back the enemey will tp to your place standing!

    - kit stomper: no fall damage, but when you fall in a radius of 2 blocks in all sides the players standing get YOUR fall damage.

    - kit gambler: having a glowstone, when hitting on the ground with it ( available once a minute) you get a price like str 1 or speed 1 , or a negative potoin effect: poison 2 or weakness 1-2 etc.

    - kit reaper: having a wooden hoe, when you hit someone you get 33% chance of giving the enemy the wither effect for a limited time.

    - kit flash: having a redstone torch, when left clicking you get teleleported to the place of your crosshair. how further away the more weakness potion effect you get!

    Further more, I would like to have a command that takes away the current kit, and it has to be usable with a command block.
    Maybe per kit permissions?

    Already tnx in advance and let me know if your intrested in making this!


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    I love how Almost every kit plugin is replicating Mcpvp's kits....
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    What did I say: I know its looks like the hg kits.

    And I wouldnt have to create this post if they made it public ;)
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    aaronhl Making it public would ruin the server's uniqueness.
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    I know.. But if I could script anything I would of also made it.. But I dont have any experience with it!
    So im asking someone that maybe could do it for me.. Im no allowed to offer money for it or I would do it.
    All I can give is loads of respect and a rank on my server.

    Another thing.. This postwas made to actualy get a plugin. Not discussing about servers and theyr plugin


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    Bump! Cmon guys :S
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    I also want a plugin like this, but the post said it would be private
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    I just want 1 part of the plugin being private: [servername]: You succesfully chose the (kitname) kit!
    if the coder of this plugin wil make 1 public version and 1 with this I want above would be awesome for others to :p
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    Dude, im already working on a plugin like this, ive already done the monk kit, fisherman, thor and flash; i could possibly share this with you...
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    I would love you lol!
    Add me on skype if you want: aaronhl2
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    Bump :/ cmon guys I realy want this!
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    I am also in need of a plugin like this... and depending on the quality I could pay.
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    I also wouldve pay for it but its not allowed
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  18. It's "Kit" put kitpvp gossh
    Also all of these are from the mcpvp hungergames plugin lol
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    I know it says kit but it also doenst say HG ;)
    yes I also can be a smartass
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    Nearly done the plugin, got the majority of the kits done, the force field and the feast are done, got the game loop and the winning system, just need to squash some bugs and finish the kits.

    EDIT: I know you want kits but im re-making the mcpvp plugin, for my friend so if you want it sure, you can have it.
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    Is there a way I can grab this off someone?

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