Special Drops From Ores!

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    Hello guys!
    I am a really bad coder and I wonder if I can get some help with my plugin I am going to use.
    Plugin name: Fields

    1.This is how it works you type in the command /ores iron, /ores diamond, /ores gold
    2. Then you select a block by clicking on it and if u do /ores iron you have to select iron ores. Because it is like you select those blocks who gonna drop an iron ingot then you cant select a diamond ore.
    ( you can also select many ores at the same time.)
    3. Then you can do /ores create [Name] (that will be a group for all the selected ores and it have to be the same ore like just iron or just gold, you can do many diffrent groups not just one) and when a normal player mines that ore or ores. (You can do /ores delete [Name] too.)
    4. It will have the chanse of 33%(if 33% dosen't work you can take 50%) to drop an ingot and if it dosen't drops anything(it becomes an ore again untill you get the ingot and then it vanish). This will work with all ores! Gold, Diamond, Iron
    5. This plugin should be focus on the blocks that are selected not the whole minecraft world!
    6. (I don't want any xp drops)
    7. After 60 min all the selected blocks are going to regen(they come back).
    8. Do premissions like ores.* or so just op can do it. If you can make premissions :)
    I have tryed myself but I am really bad! I would love to get some help, somevone that could code this plugin for me :) !
    Thanks /BadGirlCoder
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    No I am sorry that plugin is focusing on the whole world on minecraft, I want it so it is just gonna be focusing on the block that we have selected. Because on my server I gonna make a place there it is easier to get materials and harder in the wild !

    But still thanks! :)

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